Very short and little introduction, as a child I have drawn much with colour pencils and later with markers and a little with oil paint.
This creativity greatly reduced because I took horse riding and later I got a horse of my own, actually I let go of this creative side completely.
Only in my early twenties I picked it up again, a little and also very temporary. But taken a drawing course was a part of it.
About ten years later or so, this creativity is in you, you know and wanted out, I started working with clay, hand shaped for quiet a long period.
Because of that occasionally painting started again among other creative things. In the extended version
about me’ I will tell more.

The big change started in the 21st century because of personal circumstances and also came then the ‘big’ decision in order to develop more, as much as possible of my creative side.
I chose for art therapy training and I did follow it.
These training(s) brought me also development of my spiritual side and very forwarding, I am still very happy with that.
The spiritual, the true natural is for me the all great source for inspiration.
I have a picture as a kind of example, I love to take pictures too.
Like the picture of the orange rose with “about Anja”, is made by me.
Look at all this on the photo example what is there, colours in earth tones, shapes, shades and the working of light and darkness.
A huge source for all kinds of artwork and creations.
With lots of love and joy I create with colours in movement and sometimes shapes and moods, expressions and impressions mainly on paper with all kinds of mediums.
I really find variation very beautiful and exiting and what an infinite possibilities.
And all this also to make the invisible, visible.

Welcome in my museum

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Seal and Channel message - New Dawning

Seal and Message

Channel message EMPHASIZE October 23 2018


Father Earth Channel message II

Father Earth Channel message

Father Earth

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6th Series Photo’s

  6th Series Photo's, three pieces. Date: February 8th 2009, a winter month. Time (p.m.): 6:26, 6:32 and the last 6:33. And when you look at the beautiful pastel colours, it is associating with winter time in the Netherlands. (a.o.) The second picture is more zoomed in and the third one too. Distance does something!…