“A Change is gonna come”

“A Change Is Gonna Come” (Sam Cooke cover)

I was born by the river in a little tent
Oh, and just like the river I’ve been running ever since

It’s been a long, a long time coming
But I know a change gonna come, oh yes, it will

It’s been too hard living, but I’m afraid to die
‘Cause I don’t know what’s up there beyond the sky

It’s been a long, a long time coming
But I know a change gonna come, oh yes, it will

I go to the movie and I go downtown
Somebody keep telling me don’t hang around

It’s been a long, a long time coming
But I know a change is gonna come, oh yes, it will

Then I go to my brother
And I say, “Brother, help me please”
But he winds up knocking me
Back down on my knees

There’ve been times that I thought I couldn’t last for long
But now I think I’m able to carry on

It’s been a long, a long time coming
But I know a change will come, oh yes, it will

A Change Is Gonna Come is a song written and sung by singer-songwriter Sam Cooke in 1963 that was released as a single shortly after his death in 1964. Although it was a modest hit at the time, the song has gained appreciation over the years. In Rolling Stones, The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time it is listed as number 12.

Cooke wrote the first version of what would eventually become A Change Is Gonna Come after a performance in May 1963. The song describes Cooke’s inner struggle with racism.


“A Change Is Gonna Come” was recorded on January 30, 1964, at RCA Studios in Hollywood, California U.S.A. The engineer present was Wally Heider, and the session was conducted and arranged by René Hall. The musicians also recorded “Falling in Love” the same day. Credits adapted from the liner notes to the 2003 compilation Portrait of a Legend: 1951-1964.


You Tube is van:

A Change Is Gonna Come – Brian Owens and Michael McDonald feat. David Sanborn | SANBORN SESSIONS

As we all stay safe and sane at home, here’s hoping this pause leads to a positive change.

From all of us at Sanborn Sessions: we hope the music can offer some comfort in uncertain times and help spread some positive vibes and love, because a change will come.

Stay safe everyone 💛

With love, The Sanborn Sessions Team 🎷


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To me it is very clear that this change, special change is coming and closer than far away.

While roaming the internet through YouTube music, I met this song.

A click, oh yes, very sure and perhaps unexpected, but then again not, perhaps very surprising and it will certainly be.


And I have put together some words from articles known to me, a.o. via the internet and personal channelings.

And some sayings from all over the world, created by people.

Support and invitation to read and perhaps action to participate, join, unite.


As with any major change, the pendulum of popular belief or mass consciousness swings quite a bit before it gets to a reasonable standard.

And then there are the smaller changes before the big change, which give this pendulum even more special moves.

There is no way of depicting the future with any certain expectation.

However, our family in the higher realms can see timelines, there are those that are stronger, clearer and more likely.

So, we have a kind of task from within through observations and so from the outside world to trace or suspect negative timelines, in this future track of timelines, and it is possible to change this, through your energy (thoughts / Light) from the negative timelines or if there are several, remove timelines and focus on those who are positive.

I also adjusted a question there that came to my mind; So, what is positive and negative for me and for so many others? Now it appears to work as with magnetism, kind seeks kind.

And by nature, we have active forces, energy, thoughts, forces for this and certainly important, our free will. Another dive into the memory pool inside. I suspect that this will repeat itself regularly. A saying came to me, made up myself: “One must forge the energies where they are warm or even hot from the original elemental Fire.”


But “know thyself” is very important in life and in the inner and the attitude.

Initiating yourself and why not, for a positive change, I am as God created me and God is but Love and therefor so am I. For me it has to do with discipline, mastering my ego and rediscovering my true self. There are moments of overflow of negative messages, situations and experiences, make this true within yourself as a beacon, like some kind of road sign saying stop, this has no permission to enter here. It is there, I have taken note of it, but chose to leave it there and not within and think pink as love and spread it over it, carried by flames of the violet fire.

Tip: start changing or adapting small things, the lifting or raising of patterns of vibrations has no resemblance to weight lifting, but with high-quality inner movements.

And there is a place for rest, review life situation, where is rest not?

Then you notice the voyage of discovery, peace is personal but also has a general character.

Discovery after discovery or memories and for example for discovering changes of the vantage point resulting in changes in priorities, perspectives, behavior, habits and patterns.

The way you live, move and radiate, and discover and see the harmony of those of similar energies. There is unity and bringing about and everything you meet and empathize is touched by it and this is different from a so-called transmissible virus, a.o.

This is a true invitation to change.


But there are a number of things better not to underestimate.

Holding onto, let me call it the lower energies and everything that is (still) connected to it, while resisting all the small and larger changes, causes discomfort, all kinds of aches and pains or big heart pain and suffering. It will take time to get used to all the changes and it will go on like a concatenation through and through and everywhere.

We are deliberating, as I do this and then realize that you are moving forward and going on the path of life. And what if it is that we are actually baby people on Earth and have to do with all kinds of growth discomfort in a condensed living condition and you are taught from all sides that it is “normal,” then there is also something to do with changes, interpretation and dusting of the memory.

Give yourself permission, it’s a wonderful gift it CAN change because let’s face it, things are urgently needed. We are here on Earth, to change course, for yourself and the whole.

Every morning when you come out of sleep land, there are new choices for on Earth.

Then when you are awake enough, give yourself the chance, it is your energies and the clearer you are the better and more understandable it becomes to others.

They are responsible for themselves. It’s also a kind of game to recognize the ego’s behavior and ask yourself questions, I can articulate a few for you, but there are quite a few, it comes naturally from yourself, with the help of the higher self.

The following has a lot of value, allow yourself to be guided to a more joyful, peaceful, comfortable and loving way to be and that kindness is embodied in your being.

You are not doing it alone; the Universe is with you. Yeah, but that’s a long way off or… ooh or…. And the one who have created you is always with you and guardian angels too and there is guidance I call it team, that’s more than one. Nice part of the voyage of discovery to find and continue along.



Your heart is free and have the courage to follow it


We are here to awaken from the illusion of our separateness


The future is not what will happen, but what we will do


The key is to live simple


Being in harmony with nature is a vital part of life


Don’t hurt others with what makes you suffer (Buddha)


When all the trees are cut down,

When all the animals are hunted,

When all waters are polluted,

If all air is unsafe to breathe,

Only then will you discover

That you can’t eat money (Cree Indians)


Love takes courage, courage to smile at someone

Which you see for the first time.

The courage to be kind and to meet in unfamiliar territory others. (Ben Okri)


Ralph Waldo Emerson once asked what we would do if the stars only came out once every thousand years.

No one would sleep that night, of course.
The world would become religious overnight.
We would be ecstatic, delirious, made rapturous by the glory of God.
Instead the stars come out every night, and we watch television.


You were born with the creative power of the universe on the tip of your tongue. (Mildred Hinckley)


What one loves, one finds everywhere and one sees similarities everywhere.

The greater the love, the wider and more diverse this world.


Treat others as if they are already as intended and

you help them become who they can be. (Goethe)


May my soul bloom in love for all existence (Rudolf Steiner)


Love Greetings from my Heart, Anja


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Below is an introduction about me.

Very short and little introduction, as a child I have drawn much with colour pencils and later with markers and a little with oil paint.
This creativity greatly reduced because I took horse riding and later I got a horse of my own, actually I let go of this creative side completely.
Only in my early twenties I picked it up again, a little and also very temporary. But taken a drawing course was a part of it.
About ten years later or so, this creativity is in you, you know and wanted out, I started working with clay, hand shaped for quiet a long period.
Because of that occasionally painting started again among other creative things. In the extended version ‘about me’ I will tell more.

The big change started in the 21st century because of personal circumstances and also came then the ‘big’ decision in order to develop more, as much as possible of my creative side.

I chose for art therapy training and I did follow it. Introduction Anthroposophy, to stay with it and follow it and study it ongoing, among others.

These training(s) brought me also development of my spiritual side and very forwarding, I am still very happy with that.

The spiritual, the true natural is for me the all great source for inspiration.

I have a picture as a kind of example, I love to take pictures too.

Like the picture of the orange rose with “about Anja”, is made by me.

Look at all this on the photo example what is there, colours in earth tones, shapes, shades and the working of light and darkness.

A huge source for all kinds of artwork and creations.

With lots of love and joy I create with colours in movement and sometimes shapes and moods, expressions and impressions mainly on paper with all kinds of mediums.

I really find variation very beautiful and exiting and what an infinite possibilities.

And all this also to make the invisible, visible.

Welcome in my museum

But also welcome at my Blog subjects !And further, this is not just about my museum, also about my belief in and contact with those in the other worlds, the spiritual worlds, that’s where the blog topics come from; spiritual, Ode aan, photos, study material and translations.

I did translations for Blog of ‘Wakkere Mensen’ for a number of years. From John Smallman, Heavenletters van Gloria Wendroff, Suzanne Lee, Celia Fenn, Ronna Herman, Wes Annac, Brenda Hofman, Tom Kenyon and some others. The website fo ‘Wakkere Mensen’ has an nice archive with a lot of messages and information from all sides, on spiritual level and alternative level and above all human level involved with other nature beings on this beautiful planet en the Universe.


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New in Portfolio March 26th 2020:

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Art made February 2013, Christ returning to Earth

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