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Placed on website march 4th 2022: PEACE

Placed on website march 27th 2022: From anthroposofic magazine ITA, ‘notes about LIGHT substance, by Huib de Ruiter.



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Christ, your hand in my hand ⭐️

Art made in February 2013.

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Ashtar - Volgeling van Licht, Lichten, een andere kant van Ashtar.

Gepost op de website: 4-5-2022

V LIGHT via Archangels Lady Faith and Lord Michael, Gaia

Gepost op de website: 17-04-2022

Again Counsellors from the Counsels

Gepost op de website: 20-3-2022

The Counselors from Counsels. WHAT IS IT? Some reminders and an exercise/meditation

Gepost op de website: 3/3/2022

Your heart is free and have the courage to follow it


We are here to awaken from the illusion of our separateness


The future is not what will happen, but what we will do


The key is to live simple


Being in harmony with nature is a vital part of life


Don’t hurt others with what makes you suffer (Buddha)


When all the trees are cut down,

When all the animals are hunted,

When all waters are polluted,

If all air is unsafe to breathe,

Only then will you discover

That you can’t eat money (Cree Indians)


Love takes courage, courage to smile at someone

Which you see for the first time.

The courage to be kind and to meet in unfamiliar territory others. (Ben Okri)


Ralph Waldo Emerson once asked what we would do if the stars only came out once every thousand years.

No one would sleep that night, of course.
The world would become religious overnight.
We would be ecstatic, delirious, made rapturous by the glory of God.
Instead the stars come out every night, and we watch television.


You were born with the creative power of the universe on the tip of your tongue. (Mildred Hinckley)


What one loves, one finds everywhere and one sees similarities everywhere.

The greater the love, the wider and more diverse this world.


Treat others as if they are already as intended and

you help them become who they can be. (Goethe)


May my soul bloom in love for all existence (Rudolf Steiner)


Love Greetings from my Heart, Anja


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