Explanation at BLOG Photo’s

Explanation at BLOG Photo’s


The photo’s are a support as one of the bases what speaks to us.

What is connected with Higher Communication.


There is quiet a reality in our atmosphere with much more presents that we can imagine as humans being on Earth.

Happily much is written and published about it,

Out of that we can en most of all with our growing consciousness more and more form base for perceiving.


For some years I’ve been making pictures of AIR, our skies and clouds and sunsets and sunrises, appearances of colours on Earth.

Not without reason, it is communication.


The clue is, people, humans have to do with oblivion. When they are on Earth and then they do not know much anymore.

But also in that issue there is a change. With this, I sincerely hope to contribute with what I know and understand and perceive and pick up from Highest and all involved, for development of this for many.


In what appears there for our physical eyes are actually snapshots, one after the other, like the tiny little images of an old fashioned movie on reel. What makes IT appear there, cause and lives, there in our Higher Worlds, of that the mobility is much stronger than here.

These Higher Worlds there are complicates of structure and composition en efficacy, also in relation with Earth, to say it with very simple words.

Also in the visible for us are levels.

Now follows a quote but it helps to explain:

“If one wants to know the Divine, then one needs endless patience, because the Divine includes everything”!


We see the Sun, the Moon, eclipse of the Sun and Moon, stars, many stars and sometimes planets (depending on) and clouds, sometime the Rainbow, Northern Light etc., flashes of thunder, rain, snow, hail falling out of…., it can be quiet windy from a gentle breeze to a typhoon, but we also see the blue vault of Heaven, many days and nights.


It is not just there, being are involved in several ways, as it were, they live there. What we are seeing is an expression of life over there and what belongs to it is communication, also with us, the ones on Earth.

I could call this Light Language, but that is still different and connected different with these physical phenomena.

But it is cosmic language. Beautiful, now learn to speak and understand.



Actually we have a very colourful Earth and also in the atmosphere, not everywhere with the same quantity and expression.

But it is there. I could explain it as a reflection from the cosmos and in a way it is, but it became, is made physically.

It means, as already mentioned, less mobility, especially that and less colourful and also other Light, the Working of the Light.

We on Earth are rather low in terms of dimensions; more is explained about it (Internet etc.) and that it has to do with frequencies and resonances and the associated interactions.


With an extra explanation about clouds, Sylphs, Angels and Higher Beings they form figures, symbols, signals and language.

Formation(s) are forming messages for all kinds of destinations.

This will remain increasing, these “LANGUAGE” (messages) and more and more and also the way it can be expressed.

It is also a form of help for opening, deciphering and activating codes.


It will also increase the power of appearance of the Star Ships (Ufo’s)

with the help of the growing expressions of the Servants of the Higher Worlds, who are getting closer and closer to Earth or Earth is getting closer to them. (vertical, horizontal)


The matter of the nature of Light can take on material ethereal forms.

Vibrations can be adjusted to become visible for what is happening on Earth. In view of the numbers of pictures already appeared on the internet (etc.) from observations of the clouds enveloping, cloaking, there are, were rehearsals needed for the sequel.


As the first of my examples, a beautiful colour example as a series, it is a sunset, if I can give advise, look at the shades of a taupe shade then a kind of more cosmic fire comes through, more to orange, yellow and dark reds, earth tones.

Others and I certainly do not see this from here in this way every day.

According to my interpretation, a certain event of the expired day was connected to interactions between cosmos and earth.


And I made a second one to indicate.

There is somewhat difference according to our era, meaning dates,

The ones with the golden like light in it and the reflection in the clouds and atmosphere (2006) and the other three are from the year 2008, January and February. Also a sunset with very different colours, the third one with showing a New Moon!

Still remaining advises from my side, look at it, keep looking at it!

Let it affect you. It HAS something to say, even after 10 years and from before.

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