All is Found

SONG “All is Found”

January 11th, 2021.

From Frozen 2, animated movie from 2019.
For more detailed information about the film see link Wikipedia.


2021, Wednesday January 6th, the first singing lesson of this year

In the morning to the singing school, singing teacher Anjo.

Singing lesson with a large screen between us, wooden frame with transparent plastic.

Anjo says, I have an in between song for you, an extra from Frozen.
Me, ooh okay. I get a copy of the sheet music and she will send a link for karaoke version.
Listen to it, study it, practice it, memorize the text, then we will continue it next time, Anja says Okay!


We are experiencing a very special period on Earth, I am too, and studying that new song and all that, the first three days after January 6th, at least, only listened to it two of three times. (You Tube)

Media inundate us with Corona/Covid 19, Vaccine perils and the Unites States about the US Presidency and about other things directly or indirectly related and somewhat about other things.

This swarms in abundance through the ethers and energies, as it were.

But daily life itself also has a clear flow, very clear and full of power of Light and Love for change.


But by now I am set to this, let me just say, capitalist happening and to be at least buried by it en to apply a lot of healing through a spiritual way.


But yesterday, Sunday the 10th, with this “All is Found”, I started with more “time”, awareness and concentration and became impressed by it.

Partly due to a combination of received messages about the actions of Donald Trump and all those associated with it and with whom it all relates.


The beautiful memory and touching words that have been used and of course the beautiful images and theme from the film. There is this helping Light for us in this world on Earth. That comes to me, inner, as a special light and in my opinion, this is no coincidence and in particular the words and the reception planning over time.


My experience of this is through the text in the English language, hereby:

When the North wind meets the sea, there’s a river full of memory.

Sleep my darling, safe and sound, for in this river all is found.


In her waters deep and true lie the answers and a path for you.

Dive down deep into her sound, but not too far, or you’ll be drowned.


Yes, she will sing to those who hear and in her song all magic flows.


But can you brave what you most fear?

Can you face what the river knows?


Where the North wind meets the sea, there’s a mother full of memory.

Come my darling homeward bound, when all is lost, then all is found.


What came up from within me, through the flow and this is not a literal translation of the English text: (Translated from Dutch for this English version)


True North, air meets waters filled with remembrance.

Sleep darlings, safe and sound (with sleep consciousness, free from current existence of Earth), because everything can be found in the river of life.

Her waters deep and sincere, there are the answers and your path.

Dive deep into her sound, but not too far, then flood follows.

Yes, it sings for those who want to hear and in her song all the magic flows.


But can you brave what you most fear?

Can you face (awakened) what the river knows?


Where true meets from the North the waters, there is a Mother full of remembrance. Come homeward bound darlings, when all is lost, then all is found!


Hallelujah, Thy Will Be Done!


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