Of all the art are made digital photos and it means it needed adaptions to put it on the website, it might be so that there are deviations of colour, adjustments of size with the original works of art.

And about the translation in the English language. I did not study English grammar or so and I did the translations as I know it, in this present Now and I am learning and I love to do it. I did with consciousness chosen for this, because this is me and not somebody else who is translating words chosen by me.

Concerning the artwork and texts, there is copyright ©. It means one and other, you can look it up on the internet.©

It might be so that I chose to use material with my blog articles, concerning “Ode to” third party material, to express it more, actually at the utmost of what I mean with it. These pictures, illustrations, maybe photos, taking over from internet, it is not my intention to harm anybody. Original artworks, illustrations, pictures are of explicit ownership by the creator. There is also the meaning to pay and give attention to others.
I could have used something for which there is no consent, please inform me. It will be removed.