Orange White Black

I was inspired, you can say it as by 4 main directions, influences.
Here for is no specific order, I name them as they come in my mind right now.

The colours, black, white and orange.
My sister (also very creative) was busy with paper and fabric, with hearts and heart motifs.
And still I had and still have so many empty frames.
And also by what I have learned en done with the subject “the theory of colour’
at the Academy ‘De Wervel’, where this theory about colours from Johannes Itten was used at the therapeutic education.

But also inspired by the love to combine anyway with colours and all kinds of materials. And what is important for me too, I do not like to throw away, just like that, reuse and recycling of materials and optimal use of materials. Waste is not for me, you cannot always escape it, but rather not.

So this has been established. Leftovers and some new material and trying everything.

It is also a way of me, by with applying and expressing like this, to indicate in this manner, dimensions.

I made this with many pleasure and love.

I gave them a Roman numeral, from I till VII.
Not all the frames, work of art, have the same size.

Number I, II en III are with black frame, outer size 11,5×16,5 cm.
Number IV the only one in black/white wit wider white frame, outer size 13,5×18,5 cm. Number V en VI, are of a larger size, black frame 16,5×21,5 cm.
Number VII is the largest, black frame outer size 21×31 cm.

Book: Johannes Itten study edition of his “theory of colour’ > ISBN 90 213 0052 4 (Dutch)


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