Flow to paint

Series with 2 luminous colours and earth tones

Some explanation, there are 4 pastels and 3 oil paintings and one oil painting, number 4, as a result of the previous ones with change of colour use.

Size pastels: 30×40 cm Size canvas: 40×50 cm

There is sequence in how it occurred and it took a few weeks. (I have numbered them)

Movement was (is) important in rounding’s, with little straight. And the combination of the colours is a little special in nice meetings and that the colours like each other and with pleasant communication with each other. And the combination of light and dark colours.

The luminous colours are that kind of blue and yellow. Earth tones have to do with all the browns and sand colour.

For me it is important that one can keep looking at it and that it does something, whatever one may see or can see in it, which can differ per person.

And about number 4 on canvas with oil paint with this change of colour use, away with the luminous blue, welcome lighter blue en even in the direction of turquoise and welcome burnt sienna en a transformed luminous yellow to an ochre.


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