Painting on Cotton

This came from study at the Academy “de Wervel”, there were others who did it too. I learned there so much and also this.
It was not part of the training, you can see it as something as an extra.

The canvas of cotton, unbleached, you can use that, but also old bed sheets, but I bought some unbleached cotton on the market, you fabricate this with, in Holland it is called ‘Gesso’, till you feel you can paint/draw on it. Tip: you can also use wallpaper primer. I stretched the prepared cotton on wooden frames and used little nails to stretch it.

Stretch it very good, tide and than use the material to prepare the cotton.

And than you can start. So did I.

Explanation and illustration about my working in this way. I only have a few made like this.

Number 1: Title, Early Morning, Midday and Evening night.
It is oblong and upright, this one is made on the same frame as the painting with tigers, as a first one, this frame is a recycling thing. Actually it is a wooden frame with gauze, it was used against insects coming in at opened windows.
About the painting, it came to me like, make these long columns and split it into 3 and this expression of all these little beings.
I was invited to paint it like that and I invite you, who read and see this, to believe in it. Actually day and night on Earth as we live to see it, are overflowing. But this is to express it, that it is in parts and colours mean a lot. With oil paint.

On the photo, it looks like it is, because I got it of the frame and I have rolled it and very recently I made this picture of it.
It is really how it is. (Size in cm. 35×125)

Number 2: The Asiatic and horses
Frame has another format. I make them myself.
I have something very intense with horses and with Asian and for me it feels like… (and about the Asiatic I call it from a previous life), it gave me inspiration for this picture. I saw it somewhere in a book, I used a part of it and this is my version and colour interpretation.
On the picture you can see some stripes in the cotton, it comes because I rolled it up unlucky, but it can be recovered.

(Size 50×80 cm)

Number 3: The Tigers on this recycled gauze frame. To inform you it is still on it, you can you see it on the photo, I am pleased to show it, it is how it looks. I worked so long on this one, hours and hours to paint in colour perspective and this is the result. I have so much inspiration (among other things) by Anthroposophy and the studies in question, and Rudolf Steiner has given much for art and all kinds of art, I still highly appreciate it… this picture is coming from that. (Size in cm. 35×125)

Number 4 and 5, the last two ones made on cotton, these ones are also with oil paint. Sometimes you wonder, where is it coming from and why like this, that is why I called it like that, they are examples of it. The use of the colours, the rectilinear and triangles. I made this also with so much pleasure and love.

And in a way they are very dear to me.
Colours are used, called fundamental image colours (Anthroposophy) with some earth colours. Sizes, 1x 45×68 cm and 1x 47,75 cm)

And, as further information, new cottons are stretched and they are waiting for painting.


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