Painting veils or veiling

I chose to put this on the website because it is an important part of therapeutic painting and also on important part of my personal development by this therapeutic trainings.
It can also very well be applied with other art painting.

These little artveilworks they come from a period, I call it, my starting period. Just think about fifteen years ago.
I loved it and still find it amazing.
Did it a lot this veiling especially for the artistic works for the therapeutic trainings.

And made some veil work just to do it and practise it and try it out. These eight smaller works are results (among others) of that and also trying out veiling with all kinds of colours separately.

Those with the brown edging are little, size 15×10 cm. Colours: turquoise, indigo, black, vermilion, raw sienna, ultramarine.
The ones put on the website went reasonably well, quite a few have gone to paper recycling, with this trials not everything went well.

The other two are larger in size of paper and veiled with the colour Prussian blue. (One is about A4 and the other half of it)
I consider this as nice examples how it is showing how veils are working and are looking on the paper.

Intend to place later more veiled artwork on the website and also to make more. Intentions are very nice.


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