Series in two parts with oil pastels and bee wax cubes “Lightlife”

First part consist two works en is called: “Lovepair in Lightlife”, number 1 and number 2.

Oil pastels and bee wax colour cubes on aquarelle paper. Size: 36×48 cm

Number 1: This together mood is more with pink like tints and tones, more tender.

Number 2: The other one is some intensive with yellow, red, touch of orange, touch of a darker colour and is more expressed as love with more action.

Part two consist 9 works and is called:
“Expressions of Lightlife”, numbered 1 up to and including 9.

Also; oil pastels and bee wax colour cubes on drawing paper 200gr.
Size: 20×30 cm

Myself, I call it rough sketches, expressions.
The start is with a lot of yellow and tiny little bit darker colour. Than is there the process of the changes and expressing in colour changing, movement, composition, action.

Colours are beings, beings are involved, not just something is happening and that is where it is all about with this artwork, in my opinion this series of 9, shows this really nice.

Yellow is a very intense colour and can cause reactions.
Yellow and red are luminous colours, the red is however less used, The combining and uniting, mixing of the colours, there comes out the orange, vermillion and there is a touch of magenta, little earth tones.

And for the ones who are familiar with the work and the given of Liane Collot d’Herbois, the colours you see in this series, are colours in front of the light.
I’m not talking about the movements that is not meant here.

What expresses it, one might say, a look behind the veils or screens from the Earth.


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