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Posted on website Februari 8, 2022: Blog – Study:

Posted on website Februari 16th, 2022: supplement animal collages.
Placed on website march 4th 2022: PEACE

Placed on website march 27th 2022: From anthroposofic magazine ITA, ‘notes about LIGHT substance, by Huib de Ruiter.
And Heavenletter 492 translated for ‘Wakkere Mensen’ and man and a brother or sister

With photo of a beautiful white rose from the garden, representing Sunlight and Shade (title).

Amended PEACE on Sunday June 26th 2022, also English translation.

Added to Blog > Study on Sunday June 26th 2022, article Days of Three’s.

First art for a feather project, posted at Sharing Gods Words nr. 505 Wakkere Mensen, picture is link.

Posted on website, July 8th, Pete Seeger Blog Music, song My Father’s Mansion.

Change October 5th 2022: ODE to Archangel MICHAEL, 2e part added.

Posted on website November 2nd 2022: Guinea pig college.

Placed on website Blog Study, November 9th 2022: THE HUMAN BEING SPIRITUAL and In the PRESENT MOMENT.
 Anthroposophy – Dharma