Below are some websites that interest me.

First the texts four next to each other that correspond to the images I have chosen and where the links are added, lower part.

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Goetheanum, International Center, the Center for Anthroposophy.
Designed by Rudolf Steiner, built in Dornach which is a town near Basel in Switzerland.

Training Course (5 years) for therapeutic, healing painting with Light, Color and Darkness, developed through the anthroposophy of Rudolf Steiner and the work of Liane Collot d’Herbois.

Eliant is Non-profit foundation. ELIANT’s Mission

To promote holistic and ecologically sound projects and initiatives by:

Engaging in social, cultural and political discussions in the EUSupporting the cultural initiatives arising from anthroposophy including Steiner/Waldorf educationbiodynamic agriculture (Demeter)anthroposophical medicine and therapycurative education and social therapy.

Website of the Anthroposophical Health Care Association.

The focus is on health care for people, not on diseases.

There is a newsletter and a magazine.

This year 2020 there will be the 100-year anniversary.

Antrovista is website guide full information of all kinds involved for the Netherlands and Belgium.

Driegonaal is a magazine on Anthroposophical base.

“Thoughts and ideas, dissatisfaction and fun with big and small news”.

Nearchus CV is a publishing company that focuses on publishing social tripartite and anthroposophy.

ABC service for Books, webstore for books, related to Anthroposophy.

Driegonaal, Nearchus and ABC Books service belongs together.

BIODYNAMIC Federation Demeter
SINCE 1924
We are the worldwide movement of biodynamic agriculture, a holistic, ecological and ethical approach.
Demeter is the brand for certified products from biodynamic farming.


John Smallman, is channeling with Saul, it is on a separate website.

John Smallman is also channeling with Jesus and this the other website with link, Messages from Jesus.

Archangel Michael has been messaging via channeling with Ronna Herman for over 20 years.

Taoism. This is my choice, which appeals to me about Taoism through this website (Dutch).

Thich Nhat Hanh.

A great person and as a spiritual world teacher for us on Earth.

There is a connection with Buddhism. The link is from the Foundation with so much to read and learn!

Wakkere Mensen (Awake People) – a blog for awakening and conscious people.
With a well-stocked library that has been from 2009 to up to date and becomes supplemented with relevant information. Recommendation for the part of Kryon. This interesting man from Sweden.
ey words: Maya’s, Purposeful Universe, Quantum theory, physics, also in relation with evolution of consciousness, Nine Waves of the Creation. – deals with current collective trends and situations on a personal, collective and spiritual level. Aim to provide growth, awareness and insight into personal and societal situations. There are supporting articles, description and awareness of electromagnetic disturbances of the Sun and Earth. Gems and crystals, geometry other tools to support inner processes to start living in a practical way who you are in Being

Grandma Chandra. A beautiful being has come to Earth and is now there with a severely disabled body.

12-dimensional being, capable of much that many of us are unable to do and here to contribute.

The last time I met her in the Netherlands, she was able to walk with a walker.

Her mother Pat is her great help and refuge. Invitation: read for yourself.

Website of Ria Hooghiemstra, a fellow student of mine. Have a lot of respect for her dedication, intent and purpose with this website.

She tells her life story through her way of working. Theme: bullying, vulnerability and strength.

RON HEAD – Oracles and Healers.

For more than 20 years already working on this, channeling through Archangel Michael, among others, and what is now called:

The Council, which includes a group of our spiritual family.

TOM KENYON. Sound Healer rightfully. And a large offer obtained for many years and published in various ways. (You Tube too) Pleasant talker. And also, from the Hathors.

Jennifer Farley. Since 2012 there has been a daily message from the Creator through her (channeling).

Shelley Young. Website is called: Trinity Esoterics. Channeling with Archangel Gabriel.

Heavenletters – Gloria Wendroff.

Love letters from God with messages of all kinds.

Start: 17/11/2000, the last was on March 12, 2019, due to illness, she had to stop.

This website is accessible with more than 6000 Letters from Heaven.

Neale Donald Walsch. Known all over the world through the book’s trilogy,

Conversations with God, originated in the 90s, 20th century.

Since then active via this given and with this.

Prolific Earth, an invitation to broaden your horizons. Four times a year Prolific Earth looks for unities and cross-connections. Whether we write about art, travel, architecture, health, light or water or nature. We are boundlessly curious on that point.

Awakening with Suzanne Lie. Started in 2009 and since then actively channeling among others from Arcturians, there is an archive from that date on.

Wes Annac, calls himself an openhearted rebel, writer, blogger with an interest in spirituality, revolution and music and Love.

There are various sites, facebook and twitter. The link is for his personal website.

Aluna Joy, messenger of the Stars, earth oracle, reading of the Soul and the Star Elders and that is related to that of the Maya.

Fran Tielemans (Belgium) beautiful website with lots of information to assist in these periods of transformation.

Maya Wijsheid (Wisdom), website from Elvira van Rijn. Explanation under the heading “about Maya Wisdom”. The Tzolkin calendar as a compass for our life journey, experience journey on Earth.

Marcelius. Beautiful, well-stocked website with explanations and information.

Healer and Medium, that goes without saying. Other specialties: phytotherapy and orthomolecular therapy.

Plastic Soup Foundatio

Take care of nature and each other. Main goal: no plastic anymore in water, in the body.

Through three goals, to prevent, to share knowledge, to reduce the use..

Anjo van Hemert. Singer and teacher with own singing school.

For vocal development in a professional and very nice way.

Alto mezzo-soprano singer with mainly classical repertoire.