Here and Now in 2022 – PEACE

There is tumult going on, a fitting English word for this is hoop-la in this world on Earth. Again.

Worldly notable is the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, with interference from…

That’s why PEACE started on my website, this year April 2022.

From the spectrum part Earth.

You can philosophize about ‘PEACE’ in order to explain it.

Once upon a time, a while ago, I typed in a search page on the internet, just a year from my mind -war 1585- there it came, first thing I saw was Anglo-Spanish War 1585-1604 and also Siege of Antwerp 1584-1585 and the Eighty Years’ War
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Then I thought, I’ll add another five years. Peat ship from Breda, appears to have been a ruse during this ongoing Eighty Years’ War 1568-1648).
A war between Russia and Sweden of 1590-1595. And even, I came across a 100-year war between England and France, and conflicts in the 9th century Byzantine and Arab and more than that.

Invitation to investigate this yourself with all kinds of years, closely following each other.

Unbelievable, no, there has always been something and somewhere going on.

We are not without it yet.

In that regard, I choose to contribute to activation of “Peace” in my own way and there are levels, dimensional energetic fields of action, and without fear and violence and its consequences, I’m not going to dwell on, but it is possible.

“Peace” is a remarkably large encompassing concept to write a few words about and form images with.

Understandably, already many of our fellow human beings have been working on this and still are today and with Broad Spectrum of contemporary technological implementations.

Assuming I’m alive now, that’s the present and we’re dealing with it.
If I say here and there and maybe also there and there and here, not everything is in the predominant world media, there is a significant chance that it is.

I once again started to realize that each person is involved as an individual in their own way, from East to West with North and South in between.
Or vice versa. Collisions… by what, for what and where to…

As a voice (resounding thoughts) and influencing as fellow human being on planet Earth, I am choosing for the latter to continue with, where to… if possible, without what has already ended up in Earth’s history as conflicts, wars and related issues. And the involved cesspit…

My heart is filled to share, the good hope that many are cleaning the pit involved. I hereby place it in the Light, Trust and Love with a covering of Hope all over it.

What do you think of Alliance on the right tracks…?

Planet Earth, as an Elemental Being, as an Earth Elemental, Gaia has been on this path for a while, for Alliance is “ordinary” with elemental beings and nature beings, beings of essence. The behaviors of man are, all in all, meaning that the other realms and the Cosmos itself, have this, anno Now, nice in an overview row for a different concept, for the making(s) for Renewed Earth and all the Together Interbeing.

Implementation is underway. It’s a wonderful concept. A conception that encompasses a lot. Nature has that, everything on/in, as ‘own’, what is on Earth with time and space. Now it is up to us as human beings on Earth to maintain this Garden of Tao.

In all creation there has arisen a blessed, beneficial creation,
a ‘well’, a varied ‘well’ from which much bubbles up and rises,
and can be raised and lift up, a sky-wide information package, in particles. There is no Lotus without mud. (Thich Nhat Hanh)

In combination with the unveilings, because Nature always has to do with unveilings. With that which lies behind the Thought and is present. Living knowledge is present in man as a basis, implanted, as Archangel Michael speaks of “Seed Atoms”. Atoms (nuclei) and seeds (germs), what sympathizes?

The assumption is that it is easy to understand, that there are and have been quite a lot of influences at stake.

And how directive a thought is everywhere.

It is indicated to add a question here to realize this in the awakening process: “How or what is the relation with this to the forces of Life?”
Indication; powers of atoms, germs and seeds arise from the immaterial, in other words, immaterial, that which is dedusted. The matter, substance that you cannot feel with human hands, but you can feel with spiritual senses, to use the word senses herein, organs would also fit.

It’s about lightening the heaviness of the forces.

What is the strategy for this?

That is the art of development for actions coordinated for the highest good for Al, everyone is a participant.

The intent of this choice of words is to revive the individual subtlety of the whole from its original origin.

As a black, sometimes they are green, blackboard, written/drawn with chalk (are small particles of gypsum > calcium phosphate, a kind of salt from nature)
you can erase it and overwrite/draw it.

‘Time’ is involved with the blackboard actions. And a certain space.
Just think of sweeping a blackboard, not everything just gets wiped away. Moisture, water is often involved.

And digitally, just look on the internet, disks clean up myths.

Both are present in the lower material, but originated by power of spirit.
Man is much more subtle and extremely spiritual and sense rich.
The inner pit is the blackboard and digital motherboard.
Storage, memory. But…

What a dust is stirring…

What ‘water’ is drawn from the well….

What an achievement to do for the performance with the experiences, in anticipation, expectation of result, with kinship with this beautiful Earth elemental, as mother planet.

Earthly, for the time being, which NOW can be heard loud and far.
Intermediary of Air, Light, free and infinite.

What is visible is like the movement of a wave of water, the forces of the element Water. Feminine energy, generating and nourishing.
Vital, flexible, intuitive, connecting.

And don’t we really, essentially go through the Fire to complete the elemental circle…

‘Peace’ represented by all elements of nature, on Peace Path with all Realms, let’s keep that in mind as well.

And the place that we, as people may represent in it and cornerstones of Unity = Love, such as awareness, honesty, mindfulness, compassion, brotherhood and responsibility.

Needed to substantiate and create higher opinions and visions, projections.
To bring unify.

Making it cleaned up, enlightened lovingly livable for each other on and with Mother Planet Earth.

There are all kinds of sources of inspiration, hereby a few are mentioned:

Neale Donald Walsh, Conversations withGod.
Thich Nhat Hanh.
Tao Te Tjing.
Prana’s. (Magazine)
Emerald Foundation, Liane Collot d’Herbois.
Driegonaal. (Magazine)
Vruchtbare Aarde. (Magazine)
Art, Music and Poetry.

Pictures: via Free pictures Lotus
Clip art World
Bahman Farzad

Placed on website June 26th 2022.
For website edited by Anja, with everywhere support from Michael.

Anja Tjelpa written end juni 2022.

And you never do it alone and for that:
Gratitude in great measure surrounded by Love.

For information inspiration via links

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Articles and videos below:

Posted from the Eliant association and some texts from Tao Te Tjing from a Dutch website. Intended as an invitation.

Posted on June 26th 2022 : Negotiations in times of war.

On Saturday april 2nd 2022, added a second video from Goetheanum TV, van Gerard Haefner about this war.

Friday March 4th 2022, I hereby place two things on my website for Peace in this world on Earth is close to my heart, as it is to many other people on Earth.


About war and peace in the Tao Te Tjing article of Roeland Schweitzer.

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De Tao Te Tjing over oorlog en vrede.
TAO is vrede.
De Tao Te Tjing voor kinderen bevat een aantal teksten die misschien helpen om het gesprek met kinderen te voeren over wat er nu gaande is in de wereld.
Voor oude mensen
De Tao Te Tjing bevat meerdere duidelijke pleidooien tegen oorlog en geweld. Als eerste tekst 30.
Meer dan de helft van de 81 teksten in de Tao Te Tjing gaat over oorlog, over vrede en daarmee verbonden: leiderschap.
Deze teksten zijn samengevat te vinden op de pagina’s:
Over oorlog
Over vrede
Over leiderschap
Voor jonge mensen
(Uit de Tao Te Tjing voor kinderen, het boek over vrede en vreugde.)
Tao betekent alles, met één uitzondering: geweld.
Daarom kun je Tao vertalen met vrede, verder is het onvertaalbaar. 
Over Tao valt veel meer te vertellen. Zie Tao
De teksten 30 en 31 zijn glashelder tegen oorlog. Er staan veel meer teksten in het boek, allemaal tegen geweld en oorlog.
Tekst 35, over vrede, is ook glashelder. Vrede is onze bron en ons doel.
Tekst 67 biedt hoop: 
Uiteindelijk overwint de liefde, zoals van een moeder voor haar kinderen.
Tekst 68 vertelt hoe je aan vrede kunt werken. Met een advies in tekst 70: het is soms wijs om onzichtbaar te huppelen. Of, zoals in tekst 75, om soms te fladderen als een vlinder.
Echte vrede is vrede voor iedereen, tekst, een van de slotteksten van de Tao Te Tjing.
Information: the above is from the latest newsletter, date March 3rd 2022 

THE GREAT BELL CHANT (The End of Suffering) 

Added: Sunday, November 13th 2022.

In Plum Village Practice centers worldwide, we chant the Great Bell Chant every day. The sound of the Great Bell is so beautiful and helps us to calm our mind, relax our body. We come back to our true home and generate compassion for all living beings. We send our peaceful energy through the sound of the bell and wish that they can hear it clearly so that all suffering in them cease.

We would like to invite you to listen to the Great Bell Chant with a reading by Thay (Thich Nhat Hanh) and chanting by Br Phap Niem. Audio by Gary Malkin. No rights claimed for this text. See link Plum Village.