2020 Start Art

2020 Start Art – Green, Green Blue, Circles, Dots en Stripes

Start on January 9th painting with acrylic paint.

There were leftovers from the making of the last seal, the one you are invited to dive in the middle

In the turquois blue green, you might want to do so.


I take everything it takes.

Out of the center to the outside in circular manner, round and round.

Well I love doing this myself and it doesn’t stop at the size of the paper, actually it is always further.

That day I made the first two. The second went better than the first, actually I shouldn’t put it that way, because every beginning is different.

January 15th: There came the little rounds, cozy close and together.

January 16th: This day this laps or dots went different together.

January 17th: Another arrangement and with an inner circle.

On this day I also started number 6, the start was with the two rounds with a kind of tail who wanted to be together.


Pause no sequel yet


Then, February 18th, there it came again, the dots paint action, it became a quiet different result.


Another break.

March 10th, from number 7 is all made on this date.

Much more refined dots work. Afterwards with dark green shades, lines, vertical and horizontal.

Next action, the dark circle and as follow up the lighter one, in a few ways.

Light on the horizon, in a kind of distance, it felt like a relief result


Material: Hahnemühle Bamboo Mixed Media – water paint, acrylic, pastel, 265/m2 – 36×48 cm

Acrylic is of all kinds; I’m not just going to throw it all away.


The images are placed in date order.



Are you interested in this kind of seals? Please leave your contact details and I will contact you as soon as possible!

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