Colors in little format

Colours in little format
With wax- and oil crayons

Actually I make them of leftovers of paper of better quality.
Many of residuals of watercolour paper.
I made many many of them and gave many away as a gift and such.
Most of them are very small, think of format 6×3 cm and the format can change, smaller or larger, it depends on the size of the residual paper.

These in this map of the portfolio are all oblong.
The largest is 33×9 cm and the smallest 13x almost 4 cm.

Here it comes again, I did not put dates on it.
But they are certainly not very recent, no these not.

I kept these ones, they represent the world of colours I love so much to express it in this way. I feel at home there.
That is why I’ve kept them.


Are you interested in this kind of working with colour? Please leave your contact details and I will contact you as soon as possible!

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