These are made on all kinds and with all kinds of material.
On plain drawing paper, pastel paper, paper for oil- and acrylic paint. With colour pencils, pastel crayons, ink and oil paint.

As mentioned in another part of the portfolio, just what you are feeling what “IS” there where it is coming from, to bring it over to the materialistic world.
It is co-operating with mediums and communication with colour beings, but also with other attendees, who are resident in the Higher Realms.

I really had an intensity to work with all these forms, with more round shape and elongated and to work, express with all these movements.

I figured out to name this selection “undated” (explanation below) they have some resembling expression intention.
At the first four, format A4, three of them are with colour pencils done, the one with the orange background is pastel crayons.
About the reds, the first A4 is with pastel crayons, and sometimes I worked (work) out these smaller pieces of A4 format, this two with the red tints is an example of this, the bigger one is A3 format and it is dome with oil paint on a thicker paper quality.
One is there with “dividing line”, meant as, there is “under” and there is “above” either “Heaven” and “Earth” and the colour shades that belong to it for me.
This work of the series is the “intermediate station” and the two last ones are a bit different, more in wider space and bigger movements for the biggest parts of it.
The last one has the largest size. (65×50 cm)

Often I ask people, the ones who take a look at my art works,

“What do you see in it?” The answers are very different; I do not make notes of that on paper, but in my mind somewhere.

What I have been experiencing, learned to experience, everyone, everybody has his/her own going through it or with it.

It is worth to mention, it is not unknown territory.

But in what I am experiencing it can be an expression of:
(I gave my mind to the subject)

  • We humans have outside our physical body, other parts and these parts have a specific vibration harmony of colour patterns and with tones, also music tones, it is meant explained that it are parts of it, or a part.
  • Expressions of astral influences, emotions, reactions on, expressed in colours and movements. Streaming of feelings.
  • Dimensions of a colour way to express that there are dimensions and therewith transitions.

“Undated” because there are only two got a date on it from me.
One date is from 2005 and the other from 2013.
What I like to share with this is, I moved in the spring of 2006 from a third floor apartment downtown to a ground floor apartment in a more “greener” district of Gouda.
Most of this series is made in the third floor apartment, I apologize because I cannot remember it all.
Loyal to date, that was not there all the time. Here in the Now it improved.

Also want to say something about art works with colour pencils, this makes the art works lighter, easier to go through or to interact with or enter with reacting.


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