Colour Meetings III

Colour Meetings III


In the meantime, between recording and passing along spiritual messages, time for art to post on the website.


Actually, was the trigger, is the trigger of the study that is done every morning and, in this case, ia message from Archangel Michael through Ronna Herman, in which Ronna explains about the sub-dimensions of this Universe in which we live, related to colors is this the 4th sublevel of the sixth dimension.


Yes, there it came, I know something about it and made a number of images or art from it.


I will quote the text: “This level is filled with excellent light waves that flow in all directions in dynamic shapes, colors and patterns. While going and experiencing it will gradually become clear how to feel the difference in each color, the pattern and the combination of the colors, the movements and also there messages and language are connected (hidden in, but that is not really true) and in this way you school yourself, actually remembering inside, how this is all true and how to understand and use the many, many combinations and possibilities, with all those shades of color, etc.


As you can see in my portfolio folder, I have been working on this for a while and I am still working on it.

I invite you to look at it again and again from the inside with those inner senses and try to sense what I have IN me perceived and displayed at the moments of making.

A kind of reminder, school material.

I did it with pleasure. And still do.


For this, the website has also entered the air, the ether. To share, to give.


This series is with oil paint on the appropriate paper from manufacturer Canson.

Two are with acrylic paint, I believe I will not reveal that, perhaps it can be seen, to sense it.


I cannot name dates in this period in which I made it, I did not note this with these works of art. Most are from before 2006, but all from the 21st century.

At that time, I did not yet live where I now live and have already done this kind of painting in that previous home.


Formats are diverse, I will not mention them all separately.

I would just say enjoy it! And perhaps who knows what it brings …passes on……


Placed on website: August 9th2019.


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