Cosmic Inspiration II

Cosmic Inspiration II


This is quite a special selection, selected by me on March 26, 2020.

Looked up with pleasure and looked at it again.

I sometimes forgot to put the date on.


Number 1: Dated 2002, title “What about evolution”.

Made on very simple paper and one size of paper on the other in the middle then draw on it in that way, with pencil and pastel in some colors.


Number 2: No date. According to my current memory about 12 years ago.

Cosmic colour journey. This is another technique, on special paper for oil products.

To which I worked with oil and wax crayon and turpentine oil.

It is a different kind of weaving with colors in the materials used.


Number 3: Inspired by a Cosmic Sun.

On very simple (thin) paper, which I don’t want to recommend to anyone, it is fragile.

With pastel.


Number 4: Inspired by a Cosmic Sun, from a different point of view.

I always find it a waist just throwing away materials.

Then I have such a narrow strip left over from something else and then I work on this with pastel.


Number 5: Cosmic Magic. July 2014.

I can still remember the joy and playfulness when I made this.

When I look again, the created image represents this, at least for me.


Number 6: Title: It differs so much. Spring, summer 2019.

There came a period, it is still there, that I started to use all kinds of materials, from yarn, wool, lace, ribbon, pieces of paper and fabric. This is one of the creations. It even has some kind of decoration grains on it. You do not do this in 1 day, because e.g. pieces of fabric are sewn on with needle and thread.


Number 7: Inspired by the Golden Galaxy. Spring, summer 2019.

From number 6 and y7, I worked on it, on turns. I have tried everything, including Binder with watercolor and gold glitter as an overlay, the gold glitter is less visible in the picture, even after several attempts.


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