Fantasy flowers

Fantasy flowers

Somewhere a while ago watching television I saw something with fantasy flowers, I do not remember the program anymore, I do remember it was something in the backgrounds.

And I got lifted up, found it inspirational, I like to paint flowers like that. Forget about immediately because by the time I remembered it and found “time” to paint it, were details pretty faded and this is how it came out.

In the run of 2015 to this year 2017, I made occasionally such a painting with fantasy flowers.

I still love to do it occasionally and when there is one more (or more than one) I will add it.

For me it is pleasure as an experience with expression of joy from nature with fantasy.

Size: 30×30 cm. (all)
Material: Hahnemühle Aquarell paper Quattro 300
with acryl paint of all kind of brands.


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