Fantasy with pencil and ink or …….

This is start work, year 2001, start October 12th, the number six, the last one is from November 7th.


This is unstoppable art, a must do!

I have often looked at it and thought about it, it comes from somewhere….

So from the cosmos, collected and displayed with earthly matter.


It indicates something of a structure and the colours had to be like that.

The background also had to be and remain white.

Until number 6 presented itself, other colours, change of level.

I call that change of level now.

Sometimes I think of magic or alchemy ….. so you stay busy, also with this older work of art.


Sizes: 4 smaller ones > A4 – 4 larger > A3.



Very simple paper, where you copy with.

Colours of the pencils, five have the same, with darker yellow and ochre, black en ordinary graphite pencils and black ink.

With number 6, then came in vermilion and burnt sienna.


Photos of the artwork:

That is and remains difficult, for this series I have made the choice to leave more edge around it, instead of cutting it all up.

And the photos were taken with the smart phone instead of the old Sony Cyber shot.


Are you interested in this kind of art work?

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