One thing leads to another

For me a different life started in the new century, with studying for art therapy (among others) and that turned out to encompass a content of an ever-expanding development of all that is.


Also, with types of paper, colors, from colored pencils, regular pencils and ink, mainly for my own work in that period.

This whole series was made in 2001.

I just can’t remember which one I started with.

I did have very old colored pencils, still from primary school, some of which I just used up.


And it had to be framed, because it had to be held, because it comes from a bigger, much bigger whole.


The drawings have been placed in an order in the portfolio, so to speak, that comes more out of nowhere than my memories.


As can be seen, a lot has been drawn with dots, lines, blocks, smaller figures that are movable, circles, lines, patterns.


All in all, I did that with great pleasure and it was hard to stop.


Digital photos can be beautiful, but the real, original is different, more self-explanatory, especially with regard to the colors.

Below some information;


I am not going to name all the colors used, in my experience they speak for themselves. There is a certain color tendency combination that speaks.


There are two oblong ones with those three orbits and those “creatures of the color” and surrounded by others.

The longest is 21×59 cm and the other 20×42 cm, which is a bit lighter in color.


Next four: they belong together in terms of color use, but there is often variation, then something else is added.

3x A4 format and 1x A3 format. Simple paper.

Next two; probably made in one day. A4 format.


Next three, yes yes, more than just 2001 on, November, all three made on a different day. A4 format.


The next four, ditto there are also dates in November, 2001.

On one I wrote, “Do you like it?”

3x A4 format, 1x A3 format.


The last two, with regular pencil and India ink.

There is a date on it. September 20, 21 and October 7, 2001.

The first one is A4 size and the other drawing A3 size.


So far, enjoy and have fun.

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