Other Seals

Seals, I make seals with all kinds of materials and these are for……that can be all kinds of things.

And inspiration is coming from nature like the picture placed with portfolio, but also from life on Earth and the Cosmos, that is all related to each another.
Cosmos is for me the Great Creator with unimaginable very much Love.

We here on Earth have to do with that, it is made by it, with very simple words.

Of course there is more involved.


About the seal, first in the row, you can see on it, that maybe some people will name as the tail of a comet or the sun with a kind of tail. All kinds are surrounding it and a golden background and little blue hearts with glitter.

This one is made for “Wakkere Mensen”, that is a Dutch BlogSpot from Ine and Martien,

I contribute and support the Blog with all I am able to and I have made this for them.

Some explanation, the rounding of gold is New Earth and it is in making and is stepping on the threshold to become truth and all these little sparkling blue hearts represent all the people on Earth who cooperate for this from their Heart and Soul.

The green, orange, white around it, is the support for nature for New Earth.
And the tail looking like coming from a comet, that’s the spirit where it as well is coming from. And the golden background is also for the Itza (Maya), in other words the Golden period for Earth. And all the little balls (orbs) they all contribute in their positive way.
So is also this Website doing enormously, for this seriously happening event for Earth.

I am inviting you to have a look at this special Website.


The next seal, second in row, that is about an expression in a seal, I’ve named it Lemuria.

Lemuria there were very early, according to how it was made by the Great Creator, such beautiful and well meant circumstances for life, there are people on Earth who have (some) memories of it and I have made this seal as a symbol, to support that, because Creation is ALL energy and it can repeat itself, that it can be here again.
I call it a cleaned up version, because there are a few matters we don’t want to repeat.
The Great Creation is far more than we realize here on Earth as human beings and something is returning, that’s how we could call it, also inside us.
This seal is to indicate there is more than……. it has to do with geometry, alchemy, elements, dimensions, colour representing The Higher and all the ones concerned with The Higher, gold is very common there and the huge Oneness of living together and co-operating.


Are you interested in this kind of seals? Please leave your contact details and I will contact you as soon as possible!

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