Paintbrush Adventure December 2001

On an afternoon, according to my memory, a Sunday afternoon, the colours and brushes were calling.

Let me start with this, it is on very simple paper 120 gr.
I also used a fan brush.
Choose some colours, made fascinating blue, by mixing a little, took yellow, white and goldcolour and blue over yellow became green and also yellow over goldcolour made other nice colours.
(Acrylic paint and a little ink for the snake)
There are some notes on the back of almost all paintings.
For instance:
“Made by me”
And “ Hallo Blue”
And “Even more Blue” (2x)
And “ Bit complicated, but quite nice”
And “What a brush all does”
And “fascinating Orbs”
And “Snake”

It was fun, I still can remember that very well and in a way a brush adventure and of course with colours.
Discover, what do I see appear all there, it is to meet.
Most of them are fast made.
Lively, enjoyable and there is development to shape.
Made on the first of December 2001.


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