PAINTING with Scraps

PAINTING WITH RESTS, these are from the images I made for
Ode to Lemuria.

It has become six pieces on a kind of linen paper on which you can paint with oil paint.
Format is A4.

I wrote comments on the back by making and this is not all on the same date,
that is why they are numbered from 1 to 6.

It was like to want to depict very ethereal just what came, a kind of nature with lots of greenery, from your heart to the brush and the remains of Lemuria and then ……

Number 1: August 16, 2017
I have written: outside of time and space.

Number 2: August 26, 2017.
Ditto remark.

Number 3: August 28, 2017.
Ditto, outside of time and space.

Number 4: 30 August 2017.
The same.

Number 5: Early September 2017.
It is there, they are there!

Number 6: September 16, 2017.
And then it happens!

And so it is done and gone.

Placed on website: August 8th 2019.

Copyright 2017-2019, Anja Tjelpa. All rights reserved.


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