Recent Art I

Dated: 2018, now it is June 8th and from before this date this year

I have decided to put this on the website and from what already is on, a lot in between to skip for a while

It are five artworks made on canvas.
The special thing is that I paint very little on this kind of material.
About the quality of the canvas, none top quality.

I am also very fond on textile, wool and yarn.
With a clean-up action I came across a few things that I used in these artworks, with all these beautiful colors.
That are three of them.
I came across a very long kind of crocheted thread, is is made of all kinds of rest material.
And also of these pluche balls made of wool, I like them so much too.
This work with the square like pattern, for this I used another kind of crocheted thread, very simple also from all kinds of wool.
This long thread and the pluche balls are more of 30 years of age, but also many of the wool material .

And underneath the wool work, artwork with acrylic paint with colours I like with it.

It has become this, I think it is playful and when I look at it,I get happy.



The other two are the most recent paintings I painted with acrylic paint, with using Binder.
I have now used these two as attachment for the spiritual Blog message about TO DO, published June 8th 2018.

The colours are white, black and grey tones and a kind of colour of bronze.

Theme: heart, hearts, connection, cosmic connection.

The largest size is 50×50 cm square.


Are you interested in these paintings? Please leave your contact details and I will contact you as soon as possible!

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