Special Hearts

About these hearts, in total it are 36.
Two years ago I started to make this because my sister (younger) Nicoline also made all kinds of hearts.
Doing craftwork together, very nice!
She bought these nice MDF hearts and I was allowed to use a few.
And there was plenty residual material from making all these kinds of hearts, I was allowed to use that too.
That was not said to deaf ears!
First phase, three pieces and then there came more and more.
The residual material, what also contains, fabric and ribbon, is cut or torn in little pieces and after that with glue put on the wooden hearts, on both sides.
For all honesty, some new material has been used, but very little.
In the first half of this year I made the last ones and also finished it by surrounding it with ribbon.

The goal is to make a mobile of it ……… work for future.

And they did not like to get all pretty on the photo, okay …….

Sizes: the smallest 10×9 cm, the larges 15×15 cm.
All kinds of colours in combinations.

Posted on website: 14th December 2017.
Below some pictures of Hearts made by Nicoline.


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