In this file of the portfolio, it is all from initial period of the 21ste century,2001, 2002 and 2003.

This fits together in a way, it belongs to the same creative flow of these years.

In terms of style it is not all the same therefore I called it to discover.

To discover, types of paper, materials and possibilities, what can I do with what I experience so nice from inside and where I really want to make a picture of, want to show it.

Colour was important and to combine colours and what is happening and comes out as design and is it expressing which I enjoy doing so much.

This is a part of the artwork in this way.

There is more but that is for later.

Note about the photography of the artwork:
It is that I am experiencing and learning this as an art by itself.
It is always just a bit different from the “real” art, but I made the best of if what I can do at the moment.

I would like to say, let the work speak for itself to you!!!

Sizes: largest size A3, smallest size A4.
Materials: just plain paper, nothing special, 80 gr. and 120 gr.
Ink, pencils graphite and colour, acrylic paint and gouaches and other water paint Cotman.

Posted for portfolio, 2017-11-20


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