Ode to Lemuria

In the beginning Lemuria was radiant like the Sun. Innocence.
Oneness with nature, with creative forces and life forces.
By exertion of the will and power and the special, present imagination, man was a master with this.
This was the first essence of this development period of humanity.
Man was elastic, pliant and because of that very movable, which means far less materialized in physical shape, as it is known now.
Maybe “moulding wax” might be the right way to name it.
Beautiful nature – Flora and Fauna – as we call it Now and everything was qua “shape, substance, movement and colour” DIFFERENT.
Air was thicker and water was thinner. Plants and trees were bigger.
But hardly to express in words, pictures or art, this beauty, fullness, life, connections, again it was not like we know it Now, like we see and hear and it was as good as optimal in cohesion and cooperation with elements, cosmos and the attendants of the Higher Realms.
No spoken word, it can be said, a singing language (sound) of humans with each other but also with nature, elements en higher realms, supplemented of supported by a form of mind reading. A nature language to express what was felt innerly, the impressions of what happened outside humans is not meant in this case. Life there was in imaginations, conceptions and above all impressions via the senses at that time as they worked then.
Next is something less easy to explain, because memory was not developed yet. One can explain it as that human “read, saw the energies, “ in everything what was living, lifelessness was also “understood” in this way. It is about “powers” and human could create from it.
Limitations, separations were unknown, as we are now experiencing.
It was the earliness of the new born, the making of the being of human and also of several other forms of existence in the various other realms on Gaia. Human was made, developed, created, the under construction of physicality, then it was not like we are looking her in the now and also not as we are behaving here in the now. The gift was given to live on the beautiful planet Earth with so many other creations.
The people saw and took all the possibilities to live with as one, by way of example, there we see a kind of hole and around was some rocks like, greens and forest and they used the “material” and took it in use with each other. (Maybe books of Jean M. Auel, series of the Earth’s Children, maybe they can be of supporting help as explanation, I am not going to say it was exactly so, but…..)
There was living together, but in the first period there was nomad life, later it became more colonies, togetherness with people, plants, animals, minerals, elements en de attendees of the Higher Realms and much of the planet still was heavenly in turmoil through the level of creation of that period. In other words movements were “bigger”.
To give an example for this: as comparison the flood was a trifle.
And the more one should go back in “time” the more fluid human could be seen.
Maybe there are people (readers), who also can remember a lifetime in Lemuria, or parts of it or some impressions or otherwise.
There were not the usual noises of nowadays. Logistics sounds, telephone, radio, TV, computers, voices, loud voices, etc., there was only natural environment sounds, with forms of stillness and being.
Lemuria was quiet a long period of time, we call it centuries and a few more and it was way back before our era 0.
Besides that a period of development with influences of all kind and with all kinds of experiences and consequences…..

Why do you make an Ode to Lemuria?
I have lived there a lifetime, at a certain moment I started to remember things, for example that there were communities with men, women and children and all in very natural life as described before, nature as the brest of a feeding Mother, a foster Mother, so very different from here in the Now. I can hardly think for words of that. Remembering brought me such beautiful memories, impressions from innerly knowing, obviously I have been there in a period, of course there were things, not dramatic, so before it was developing more and more with the used forces etc. and before it went the less good way. For me, what I remember, it was good, it was gold and warm, so very creative and there was enough, abundance of it “itself” of everything and for everybody, I have to say this too, for the level they were there. You were so much and so different aware of it all, in a way looking through it and like a very big family and there was contact out of the inner, actually with a form of describing of inner weaving experiences with gestures and a beginning of speaking, making sounds.
Do you know “fix it” it was something like that and see ALL the possibilities. Man governed by the Spirit the Matter. (Energies)

Further and more; actually was this the little Paradise as a sequel to the Great Paradise on Earth. This Lemurian epoch was the third human epoch. Influences were mainly from the Moon, there can be mentioned “the Moon World of Lemuria”.
But watch, there was enormous and much volcanism, the fire of Lemuria.
And not the whole Earth was inhabited with “people”.
Think about formatting continents with firm movements and this working fiery element and of course there happened things.
But Lemuria was in a way more reliable and more advanced (more hardened) as what we call continent.

What do we all as thinking work on a day, how many thoughts are going around in …. our being and mind or…..
Then, thinking was far away, it was about will and sense or we call it feeling. That was all there was. Innerly carried by the Divine, which means without the conductorship by own will.

I like to talk about the development of the Male and Female, Female and Male, but that is quiet a subject and not just for to write about it in a very few words. But the essence was there, the development from that M/F and F/M “apart”, men and women were not so very long already apart.
And by the created circumstances both sides were so said developed.
Very important were the developments of the memory, this was by the female side or aspect, and my understanding is the following in words;
One takes in the forces of nature of living life and it produces after-effects in the present soul, that stayed there inside when the time was there, so in this way things could be repeated and the start of development of memory.
The male side or aspect was connected with the development of the element of the will. To express that. Outwardly bringing about, showing.
Men and women were to approach from different kinds or might’s from the Higher Realms as entrance, women more for soul-divine and men more for nature-divine.

From life as one with nature and all the forces and powers at that time created by a combination of this and the imagination and development of memory and mind, in later Lemuria, originated the Etheric Light Cities.
With all kinds of very artistic structures, but please think also of temples and places of wisdom and institutes what we call education.

The end period brought formation of speech; the words of the Gods became human language. More came into being through the existence, the life lived as humans and fellow residents on Earth, I am talking about the development of sympathy and antipathy, I use these words in a way with conscious (I am now however going to mention the other words, it is about good and evil).
Actually it belongs more to the part of the development of the male and female, but in a way it typify “the distinction”, it means, women react and act more from inner experience and men from willpower and showing this how it is working. How to name it now, there consequently, there were consequences, conflicts.

There was a lot of turmoil in Lemuria and it did not have so much density yet. Also turbulence in evolution as humanity, there were a few phases there and a large difference in levels. This also had results or consequences, because cause and effect are never separated.
About the fall of Lemuria, somewhere I read it was humanity’s own fault…
The volcanic fire was used for work/labour and for inventions, findings.
This natural fire (element) served for many as a base.
The lower kinds of humans and also more animal humans they were very sensitive for the influence from Lucifer and they were affected to such an extend that they start using this volcanic fire, the fire forces, in an incorrect way. These “lower” ones were to little protected by……
(I rather leave that as it is and pass it through to the plan of “to forgive and to forget”) they were (very little) less able to resists the temptations and effects of the Luciferic nature.
I believe in a combination and not only from the “lower” ones and then it got lost and it felt underneath. And dear Gaia got hurt.

Again, why do you write this Ode?
To tell first all of above and then the following.
We are living here on planet Earth with, among others, many many people and we are not just “something” here and we are not here for “nothing”.
The Creator, the Creation, and there are very many more concerned form the Higher Realms they really had the best intentions to create Humanity.
Something has been countered. This “something” that is “something”
There/here/where? And repetition of this appears less suitable.
I believe in the “Good”. In the beginning in Lemuria, it was there.
“That which has been is that which will be, and that which has been done is that which will be done. So, there is nothing new under the Sun. Is there anything of which one might say, “See this, is it new?” Already it had existed, for ages that were before us.”
Here and now in the 21st century we got it offered again to regain that, a opening has been given, it is a great divine gift, for life on Earth, beautiful Earth with so many creations in togetherness on it.
We are recognizing the opening with the Higher again and there is contact and things are passed on through us, we are talking about spiritual communications and I think and I believe we should appreciate this very much and handle it with very much Love.
One can reuse energies and think also about the Violet Fire from the 7th Ray, there is transformation.
A new option is offered (this is modern language) this time for the reversal process, it is also called the breathing-in of the Creation, the return to the Golden Glow.
A forgiven world. To make us understand that every thing that God created cannot have an end, and nothing He did not create is real.

To name what was there too:
Initiations. Excesses in raising children. Supervisors met great influence (magic influence) on other people (of lower level) also animal like of all kinds of nature. Instinctive life, in the beginning like animal life with the evolving Earth. High and low were relative concepts. Preparations for the Atlantic era by chosen ones. Metals and all kinds of rocks etc. were more like moulding, less hard, more thick fluid like. Divisions concerning the changing rising and descending of parts of the planet. Migrations also of people. The adaptability to the life circumstances of a high and fast standard. Lemurians are called born magicians. Great expertise was gained. Only a small part of the Lemurian people was capable to evolve further and the greatest influence for this came from the female aspect of Divinity.

Where was Lemuria?
Maybe this is an indicate giving answer.
Before I go on, the whole Planet Earth was different then and I think we have no idea of all these movements and how it was exactly looking.

It is indicated (you can find it on the internet also) have you ever looked at the first published atlas with satellite pictures of the Earth?
The Indian Ocean and that goes further, direction U.S.A. then it becomes the Great Pacific and that whole part, all that water that seems to have been that lost continent. And of course we look at it with our nowadays eyes, brains etc. I have the impression that we should not underestimate HOW that was in motion and also not about the consequences.
In many writings is indicated that the West coast of the U.S.A. was involved with it, also Hawaii, parts of Australia, India and Africa, all what is adjacent to the oceans. That is quiet a lot of Earth territory at first it was “higher”, a huge Lemuria, now for us it is “under water”, as we are able to look at it. We will ever know.

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Loving support of beloved and helping ones from Higher Dimensions.
Inner Knowing.



I have attempted to display art expressions of impressions of Lemuria.
People I have tried to display on two of the works. I do this, we do this from our Now, as we are now and show everything. It’s just an attempt.
What you can see as a kind of “city” that was my attempt to imagine a City of Light,
but also to stimulate everyone, what or how it was, that does not mean everyone have been there, but we as people can really co-exist.

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