Ode to Guardian Angels

What never left my side with all my lives on planet Earth, out the very Highest what we are, where we are made of and always have taken along from the Divine?

Ah, my guardian angel. I have known from early age, that I am surrounded with angels, my surrounding family and friends told me in the second period of my first ten years of life.
Later I learned to call it guardian angel and at certain moments I was very happy with it, that this dear angel was with me.

Only very recently via messages passed through Ronna Herman from Archangel Michael and the one I am talking about is from January 2005, it turned out, as I have read, that we have two guardian angels.
There came another ooh reaction and some other thoughts by increasing awareness, what a gift, what a presence and what loyalty and what an unimaginable love and what a beautiful accompaniment.
And actually that felt good it are two, alone is just alone.
Bit thinking like a child as, when one gets tired this angel can go to sleep and the other can go on.
And more adult thinking, when a person needs reanimation two ambulances are being used.
Inside told me, it is okay and I accepted it, now here I speak for myself, please follow your own inner and feel and believe what is good for you as fellow human beings on Earth.

To explain better, these guardian angels abide in the Higher Realms and with agree, they are a part of our greater Self or Higher Self, which consists of, fragments and this “Higher” Part never incarnated on Earth.
But these guardian angels are there via this “Higher”, what we are too and inexorably connected.
They are in spirit form, they are male and/or female in energy, and this can be simultaneously.
There is a connection via a light line. Super fast they are with moving, so fast that we on Earth cannot easy imagine this.
I suggest to imagine them > but always right next and with us.
And always ready to help us in many ways in as many situations and diligently busy to get our attention (this goes by the Light via the Solar Power Centre and finally via the Higher Heart) and intention “also” aimed at them and to keep, in other words, to live with them together, to be, to do and to listen to for live here on Earth.

I deepen myself as well by reading experiences and stories in books and on the Internet from people who are open minded and also have been open minded and at present even are more open, about guardian angels and contacts with angels.
My experience is, they can be very small, sit on your shoulder and move along, but also can stand behind you or next to you, as tall as you are and even taller in your physical body and when you cannot sleep at night and lying awake, maybe to much pondering, they take you in their “energy arms” and hold you against their “energy bodies” and are very very close to you, like in a nest and also when there is anxiety or a very exited situation, are there such enveloping, loving and protective interactions.
And also by and with so many other circumstances and possibilities.

There are many stories about all sorts of situations in which there was for us an invisible but noticeable way help was provided and received.
What I understood is that at some occasions, a physical body is assumed suiting in the situation.
A small example from my own experiences, when I think, I must and I will now mount my bike or board the car or whatever any other vehicle, then this urge is slow down, I cannot find my shoes or I cannot find my card in my purse etc. and over time on this Earth, I have learned to understand these spiritual nudges, so I also learn to respond as ooh, I better take it easier, because there is something (unknown for me at that moment) what means slow down is better, but it can also be the other way around, you better gear because it suits better for what is planned and may follow.
With communication, think less of word language, but they do understand us when we speak to them, but more out of a feeling out of the inner what is behind or belongs to it and via images (language).
Love and joy pleases them.
In other words, they, our guardian angels communicate in a different way which exceeds our earthly basic senses. But there are also “supernatural” basic senses or attributes for us.
In principle, communication is transmitted via the image language of the astral body.
I think that many of you have already heard or read about Light Language that also exists and is possible.
About the human thinking in relation with this, that is actually only for here on Earth.
The thinking has clearly a relation with speaking, for us is thinking in words after all common.
Because for more further and more Higher Communication development and to use it more extensively, therefore it is needed to learn, to get used to and gradually no longer thinking in words.

Up to us to remember how again that was working, the angels will undoubtedly help.
They are really very intimately connected with us, the ones they belong to and perhaps more than to any other living soul who are so dear to us too.
The Supreme Creator appointed them to be and to stay with me, with you and every other living soul.
So also our guardian angels communicate with us.
There really is a lot, there inside us, where we can and may have contact with!

Additional, it is a bit of a summary, but…….

Guardian angels ensure that we meet our self and develop.
They will keep on doing persistent efforts to help us to, where much communication is about in the Now, (re)integrate higher frequencies and with that assisting us to change the chaos and to contribute to make become true the great Evolutionary Plan for Gaia and all what is involved with Her.
The vibration frequencies and radiating of the guardian angels are increasing together with the ones from us here in the Now of Gaia, through all these positive changes.
Connected by the Light line /stream, means that when we awake more and keep positively searching and adjust our selves to strengthen the connections and to keep on asking for assistance and direction and perform it, this Line of Light will grow in power and radiance.
This is increasing the interactions from the Higher for the good, will improve qualities, with and for us here on Earth, so the whole.

There are special (many) moments for everybody on Earth Now and they have been in all periods of Earth, but as well Now too, that the guardian angels were allowed to intervene in certain situations with any unpleasant ending, for a more better and happy ending.
According to another explanation, our guardian angels are responsible for many miracles in our lives and for softening many often-impossible circumstances.
What they are not allowed to do is manoeuvre away our karmic issues.
But as above-mentioned, they can offer help when is noticed that our intentions are pure because we grow and become wiser by a less enjoyable experience.

We are assigned an allotment of Love and Light; they can use this to create more miracles, to open the path and to ease our life paths.
We chose our family lineage, the incarnation line, how to be our selves in the physical and the circumstances in this lifetime and this is decided as well with our guardian angels.
And to make and to do the very best with this very special live on Earth.
From both sides there was a lot of patient waiting for the moment that contacts and communication (again) and with more consciousness could take place and here, during this “time” this is happily and very special going on.

How to make contact with the guardian angels?

Archangel Michael indicates it in this way:
Go inside to the Sacred place of your Sacred Heart. The silence of the within, the Silence Point is a place of unlimited power.
Combine the concentrated power and focused intention; this results in perfect conscious union with everything.
There are always nudges, they expand when we start listen and start to undertake positive actions for the Highest Good of All.

Be willing, attentive and just believe in it, acceptation is also involved (we have free will on Earth) and take your time, most certainly in our so busy, chaotic live, say a greeting and it may start with very subtle communication, messages or nudges.

For a clear and concise message from them, because that’s the way it goes, ask a direct and not to long formulate question, speak it out loudly.
Questions will always be answered, but please realize, they don’t live in “time”, most of the time there is a quick answer, reaction, but ……sometimes it might take a while.
Watch the attitude of sincerity! Be patience! Wait in peace!
Pay attention to very subtle changes. Colour, shapes, changes of light, being aware of a presence, tinglings, sensations, emotions, love, weak, soft sounds, sensations of warmth and cold, angelskin.
Pay attention to strong intuitive perceptions and the instinctive, for some people this is the way.
And say hello and thanks to your guardian angels.
And going out of the meditation, do it slowly, so to say back to normal.

And meditating is much like learning how to write for instance, but a bit more harder skill to master. Hold on and keep practising.
One can start with a few minutes each time (daily or otherwise) and than expand to……
A letter can be written to the guardian angels, explaining what the problem is (problems are), necessity and needs or we should say “a sympathetic (angel) ear” for any other necessary action, clue or solution.

To visualize your guardian angels around you and with you!
Make mind contact. Identify the guardian angels.
Maybe some time is needed for that, some signs, pay attention to names, symbols, numbers, that show up a lot.
Read more about guardian angels to strengthen the connection, togetherness. Via websites, books from the library or from friends or family etc., there is a lot of material at hand for every level and resonance.

Talk about it with your parent(s), family, friends, and partners.

Consult a religious person or organisation.

Ask others.

Some people think strongly of their deceased loved ones to contact their guardian angels.

Create an altar. Prepare a space. An altar is an indication for space for spiritual energy. Does not have to be a large place. One can use a rug or cloth or even a rag, objects, material stuff what represents for you angels, photos, herbs, minerals, crystals, essential oil, special water, burn a candle or more etc. You can choose your items for the altar; I suggest you go inside to find this out.

Learn (by head) a special prayer or affirmation or nice remarks from people who already have meant a great deal for the Earth.

Mantras. Psalms. You can write your own prayer.

Determine a certain time for this. For some it will be daily, even more times a day, for others weekly or twice a week, many is possible.
Repeat it in a certain daytime or week time rhythm that is working for a better communication.

Keep notes, it can be done by handwriting or via modern ICT devices of several kind, via a sound recording or perhaps through an old typewriter (ha, nothing wrong with that)

Giving names to guardian angels, it can make it more comfortable, but here comes an advice, don’t connect authority to it, we don’t rule the guardian angels.

When there is no space of option to meditate, but there is an urgent question or request, or difficult decision, ask it mentally to the guardian angels, when an answer enters the head, it might be so that they serve us with this as guides.

Don’t be discouraged if contact doesn’t seem to be with the guardian angels. Many people are initially unable to communicate directly with their guardian angels.
Don’t let doubt get in the way and leave another’s judgement behind, it is his/her judgement, forgive! Dare!

Actually you can put it together as it feels good for you.
I am convinced that it will work out of a heart full of love, true and open, the you that is you and the I that I am.

This is a miracle of a gift! For me it is and most certainly increased in surplus value via expansion of consciousness and all what is happening on Earth with these huge changes. As a thought, we are here with many, more then 7 billion doing something very special, for each other here and with each other from beyond, which is unimaginably expanded and inhabited and huge unconditional loving full helpful.

With all Love THANKS and Salute !!!
I am going with it and I go for it !!!


Below some listings of which traces can be found in this Ode to Guardian Angels:

Ronna Herman, verscheidene berichten vanaf 2005 t/m 2017. www.StarQuestMastery.com
Rudolf Steiner, GA 110, GA 350.
Course in Miracles

Below some favorite pictures of Angels:


About the Light to support this:

Miracles are seen in the Light and Light and Strength are ONE!
Creation starts with pure Light, pure Light has vibrations as what we call music.


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