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Then the moment came I want music on the website.

Sound belongs. Just happened this spring 2020.

Traded in for Blog Photos. It is a choice.


I grew up with music, my parents fancied music, which means in this case that I, we listened to it regularly and listened to a lot.

Mom was mainly singing along with choirs, preferably psalms and chants and such.

Dad had a wide repertoire of enjoying listening to music.

But Jazz and Tattoo (March bands) he liked that very much.


Everything passed the revue, via gramophone and Bakelite gramophone records to the vinyl, tape recorder, cassette tapes, radio and the TV was early.


Music was not seriously made by ourselves.

Listen, listen and listen even more.


That whole listening experience has settled in nicely and I still love it.

My own preference was also subject to change.

From the pop music in the years when I grew up as a child, later I appreciated several other genres and later still classical music.

I can also say, I started to listen to it differently.


What I understood less at first, I thought I couldn’t make music myself; I couldn’t read the notes, I couldn’t understand the notation.

And only later, everything seems later, I understand that there are musical notation dyslexia. But not long ago I started making music myself. It takes a certain way for me to convey it and I am teaching myself.

I had music therapy, learned to play the guitar and keyboard a little and since late last year I have singing lessons.

In my own way I am working on it and enjoying it.


Explanation, I have certain songs that appeal to me, in terms of music and text, or just music and for that I will make a blog post one by one with some explanation and a You Tube recording.

I am aware that I have not heard everything about what is being done with music in the world, I am looking forward to what else is there.

And also, to convey what comes from the Higher because it comes closer and what it can contribute to it!


To be clear, it’s just for me to share, I don’t claim rights to anything.

Have no profit as a thought, just pleasure and joy from seeing, hearing and listening and sharing via the website.


LOVE and I hope you’ll enjoy it too,

, Anja. 🧡

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