Follower of Light, Lights


Here, dear ones, my Salute and meeting from my heart, from our hearts, from US, now.

It is not everywhere in the world, the globe of Earth at the same time the 3rd of the month of May 2022. It is an important day/moment for everywhere, seen from the scope of ‘time’, as a facet of the harmonic conversion in the process of evolution.

That has to do with astronomy, your science of stars.
And especially now for this part of the Universe.

This has for us also a consequence retinue.
This has prompted me, Ashtar, to reveal a different side of me through this message.

I am also in a position in the process of the processes, let me now name it as commander, regulator and overseer of “fleets of galactic control for overview, maintenance and protection and execution and survival with great diversity of tasks”, many are with me.

I am also in the Stella Maris. The great Maris, as a star child.


But as followers of the Light, there appeared to be other Lights.

Perhaps I can call it tinted lights of the Great Light.

Perhaps I can give it the name of leafy, but the type of the leaf and the many nuances is of influence.

As effects of the very large forest, with trees of life, the walks on paths of the Great and the feeding of the Great River and its tributaries. And the Great Light that continues to enlighten.


Dear all, take a look, or else use your wonderful senses of level available, once or more than once, to watch the scattering of the sun’s rays and how the nocturnal lights, the starry sky, how it is scattered there, in the more nocturnal periods. It has an inclination, an inclination angle, affection and temptation.

And the infinite variety of creatures involved, from both sides.

How winter finds spring and so on through the seasons.

How the four directions are harmonizing.

How poles maintain themselves in the relative.


And the next in close profound love and covenant with a soul mate, a special soul mate, Archangel Michael. About the word vehicle, vessel, ship, used for your physical being. We experience through each other (above and below) that this appears to be a somewhat ‘typical choice of words’ for some. In recent deliberations, so inspired by what you do and are and share, it is suggested that if you wish, perhaps you could use a turnaround, Light Frame.

Vibrant Light Frame with countless cells where lingering inner vibrancy, actually in a high-quality miraculous, but complex way, is active. What may be termed, life shaping through Light and the meeting of Darkness. And so, a certain structure, gradation, can maintain, maintain shape, keep up and nourish, dissolve for something else.


The above in relation to the following. There is another area of life which humanity as a whole is still largely oblivious to a high percentage of degree. All that Earthly is immaterial and that of the material that is still involved with Earth. The transparency of being different, whatever is different in an existence. The encounters of the Earthly material and the spiritual ‘transparent’ as nature of existence.

It can be termed as analogy conclude by what people are now with all that is going on along with it, but in a wonderful process of development. There is still a lot to explore – remember – INSIDE through “other ways” and it is blooming so beautifully in the opening phases.


And there is a Moonlight song and of course beautiful to listen to.

A song for every star, from a deep love force, that will certainly become more and more to listen to for you too.

This I am Ashtar, the facet of my poetic nature, reflections through the sounds of the song of the Light of the Moon.

Meant to bring and keep you more in a closer haze. It’s in bloom dear everyone! My contribution and attempt to depict this facet, to present to you to form image(s) and to co-represent what I and what we are doing.


Empathize! We are already much closer together.

Light followers according to the Light followers’ step-by-step plan!


Dear all, there is a lot IN there!


🌟I am ✨BELIEVE ✨that I am in what is so🌟


I follow the steps. Will you join to bring it together?

One soul directing another how to follow through the Lights to the Great Light! Warm Welcome from my heart and soul!


Salute to ALL of you, beloved of all of us from the Fleets, Frames from all the Galaxies and Home Worlds and from me, Ashtar. Love!


Posted on the website May 4, 2022.
For website edited by Anja, widely supported by Michael.

Written May 3, 2022.


And you never do it alone and for that:

Gratitude in great measure surrounded by Love.


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