Mother and the Mothers

Mother and the Mothers

For guidance


Creative inspiration and effort.

It’s always done like this.

Using the powers of Mother Being.

Diligence and task.

Specific coded reproductive material to be inherited.

From the Seed mindset of The Father, chromosomes are there to spiralize, to the cosmogony essentia, the womb of The Mother.


Life regulates itself, the Self of All Life.

Loyalty, from the Primal Heart of the Universe.

Mother takes care of child.

Sympathy, constantly giving, penetrating and carrying, the warmth and love.

Sympathy has this attraction power.

The womb as a principle is dark, but extremely filling, which takes care of the Substance. The Father Seed is there for the Light, the Center.

One cannot exist without the other, without the most powerful impulse.

The impulse as a Being in itself, to be something Self.


Without this no one could be a Mother, not without a Father.

Without this there would be no child.

None what comes from The Mother and The Father.

All creatures are there, great and small. There is Unity in diversity.


But all this energy from Mother side, enveloping energy, that great gesture of sympathy from the Cosmic Worlds.

The spiraling movement is always there, it carries great goodness.

Being a Mother has a rhythm and regularity by nature, higher nature.

Carried by tones, sounds, a great symphony.

The well-serving structures.

It is not only for cosmic forms, also for Earth forms.

Everything is like new with goodness, because of what has been.

The Mother World in the material is provided with Soul and Spirit for Child.

The Mother is like an animal, a plant, a mineral, a star, a planet, a Sun and a Moon. Like a Cosmos.

Has food for everything and everyone. Motherly faithful, from the Great Sweet Mother’s Heart.

Nutrition using the elements.

Warmth has already been mentioned or Fire. Fire deeply in relation to Light.

Earth for the substantial, Air is the Love substance for breathing and Water is so much and certainly here on Earth.

The Mother carries in the lap with The Water.

A great deal is also of Water, has an intimate relationship with water, including the child as a human being. Every living cell carries with water. It carries weight. Weight, that’s balancing. Involving duality.

Bringing fertility, the cycle of sowing, germination, feeding, nurturing, lovingly cherishing, letting it live for a duration and then dismantling, impermanence.

The soil, the nutrition and caring for it. Uniting the elements.


I am, as The Mother speaks to you in this way.

For beautiful planet Earth in its entirety, provided with All elements and Creatures in great diversity, made her Self be heard as Mother, to need great Love and assistance from this all, being Mother.

In the recently elapsed time period, a form of action from Mothers has been performed for this, by both sides. Aware and unaware.

In modern Earthly words a partnership based on that great Mother’s love.

Mother has been going around very directly in and over Mother Earth, with many Mothers.

Fundamental structures like Mother Planet, in this current, have been revised and patched up, to use this word, including the axis.

The alignment has been cleaned up for as it is now. And not just like that, but throughout this entire constellation.

Everything Motherly is provided with elemental brilliance and Aquarius water support is thoroughly connected. The weaving of the lines.

The water pump, with nourishment from Mother’s love, works completely full of goodness and Love. The Father operates the pump with all Love.

Mother Earth’s chalice or Calix, as being so maternal, so prepared for reception. Father Earth is with her, hand in hand, heart to heart, according to cosmic custom.


Mother and Mothers that is eternity, hand in hand, heart to heart, according to cosmic usage with Father and Fathers and All That Is Child.


On to the merit…

It’s the time, even if it’s vertical ⇐⇑⇒⇓  horizontal stretching, the Having Time for it has been created and We-Al can begin to proceed in this way.



With all the Love of Motherhood and parenthood, being a couple,

the transferring…


Listen to your Heart and Soul, dear child…




Posted on the website August 15, 2022.
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Image by Anja Tjelpa.


And you never do it alone and for that:
Gratitude in great measure surrounded by Love.


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