From the Counselors of the Counsels, 3rd message.



It is…, yes what is it?

Words are used, but it is much more than words.

The whole that we Are and represent to the whole is now speaking here.

Glory of principles.

From the loving great family connection, from our inner intention to assist with higher dimensional counsel through word what is being experienced on Earth.

We like to express it as a reminder to treat the Earth and all together in the right, good way.

With goodness and well-meaning, that would be better for everything.

It is Universal organization and if one goes from one to another because it is so according to the pattern system of the order of Creation, is the field of experience, in fact the fields, like meadows with replaceable ditches or grids around them, are full of action and reaction.

Facades are being tackled, sham appearances become wiped away, rigid structures therefor present renewal.

All kinds of ‘hurt’ within your beloved ones as humans can be cared for involving healing and then there becomes different from what ‘really’ occurs on Earth. Too complicated calls for simplification.


The Solar System brings other light structures and workings into this part of living together as a Sub-universe.

It reveals concealments and makes room for ‘real’ choices visible.

This is taking place with to Mother Earth related proportions.

She is Mother to humanity and the other Realms present in society.

It is done in such a way that it can be consumed by anyone.

Spontaneously moving with all kinds of waves of life that arises without the outer perceptions, from the inner natural course.

It can be easy. The Earth is a Court. A work Court of God.

The changing light structures activate codes from the core to preserve and protect Mother Earth.


Trust in politics has fallen to low levels.

Restrictions come into appearance over power.

Language of governments appears on a rational basis.

Fragility from all sides.

Generational succession entails a request for a different explanation and approach. Ancestors convey messages.

What and who is standing with their backs against a wall…

God’s work is incalculable.


Your bodies shake like the leaves on a tree.

As if the Spirit is walking on blisters.

Then there is the response of the Soul, who recommends and encourages exalting from the Heart, the Heart Center wholeheartedly, from inner truthfulness.

Keep doing what you know is right, accept the natural.

That is doing the work that needs to be done and what makes people happy and Mother Earth and many other forms of existence.


Such as;

From the Great Rays, it has been designed for unique shapes, but also for color and scent, all with a facet of Mother/Father Creator.

Such creations have also become the flowers, many have helped to make choices and manifest. The firstling of flowers it were the rose and the lotus flower. Filled with special meaning for humanity.


Rose scent and rose shine.

Lotus scent and lotus radiation.


Language of Love, recognizable and it knows no boundaries, bringing together, it makes people become one and one with Nature again, like a concert that confirms the power of God.

Nature also has spirit beings with spirit of genius, natural forces are exalted.

The personal facets of these elemental beings are represented by what is called deva, elf or fairy and others. They maintain, care for the realms of nature and the well-being of planet Earth and humanity. And also give advice, as we do now. Helping and healing are words that fit well.



God’s rest is through everything.

The miracle of God’s love brings hope to everyone’s heart.

This warmth of love is always nearby.


There’s nothing in the world like love, it’s a feeling you can never get enough of, it’s a natural thing and a lot has been created with it.

There will never be anything else in its place, it is everything.

Nothing more nothing less, love is the best.

What can say so much without words. Visible and invisible.


Again, as a reminder:

Think of the wonder how all this came into existence, the many phases.

Acknowledge God’s life in all, the life of The All-encompassing.

Think of the wonder that you are as a child of God, as a human being and that which is your Light. Unconsciously (the pure), dear you on Earth, something good comes out.


On behalf of the Counselors of the Counsels for all involved,

together strong and share what matters most.

Our love is everywhere with you and around you.



Blessings with a lot of Light, Warmth and Love.

Forgive and vouch for it, with all the love from the true within!


Via Anja Tjelpa messages receives on Sunday September 25th, 2022.

Posted on the website September 26th, 2022.
For website edited by Anja, widely supported by Michael.


And you never do it alone and for that:
Gratitude in Great Measure surrounded by Love.

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