These ones are with oil paint on paper

In all of my developments I tried all kinds of things.
This is one of those things, which I also really liked.
Oil paint, turpentine oil and watercolour paper.

It just happened, actually just do what you are feeling.
You have your mediums en they talk to you to express.

Colours are beings, there is communication and so I was learning how they do it en how it got expressed via me.

Form is really earthly, it means lower dimensions en also the density, also from the used material.

Colour beings are of an essence of Higher Dimensions, they just don’t take
a form or a shape, but they can be very expressive.I did not use the oil paint like on a canvas, no, I have diluted it with the oil, therefore it becomes more moveable and flexible, more like liquid, more like able to knead, you are using far less oil paint and in a way it got more refined.

Watercolor paper, I’m not looking at quality for this kind of artwork, I do not use the most precious kind of paper.
Turpentine oil, you can also use turpentine, I did try it too.
Oil paint, Talens, a few very old remains I had and I used too, also from other brands like Rembrandt and van Gogh.

The most of them are A4, two of them are A3.
It comes from the standard blocs, which are in trade.



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