Nature Close By

I made this as an assignment for the training I followed at Emerald Foundation The Hague.

Confession > I painted and drawn this from pictures I made myself on wanderings through my beloved surroundings where I grew up. It is from spring/summer season.

The assignment was about connections, especially with your surroundings, with the elements and with the ethereal.

For me it is precious work and to be honest, I have not made follow-ups.

Actually I just did not do it, just like that, that is not really the good answer, but in fact I was surprised in that time that I could picture it like that.

An additional answer is more in the direction of, so much changed in the natural beautiful environment and in life “itself” and there were (because of that) “nicer” reflections of memories then from the changing’s.

Of course it is a choice to “not repeat” this, not yet (and now it is 2017) but I still do love a lot this kind of work.

About the work:

  • there is one small picture with colour pencils
  • the other three are so called –wet-in-wet paintings,to explain it briefly, watercolour paint on special paper, made wet.

colour pencils > 15×20 cm
wet-in-wet > 30×40 cm
Material: special paper for wet-in-wet, watercolor paint and drawing paper and colour pencils.


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