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There are now four items for the blog: “Spiritual” is one and the other is “Ode to” and now added (september 2017) “Studies”, it means that I am going to put assignments there of the studies. Fourth item is chosen in 2018, it is for pictures. This fourth item changed April 2020 to Music. See there.

I wanted to have a suiting picture with it, for all.

The first two are made on Sunday February 25 and Monday February 26,  2017. Brand new from press from the artist. And also for “Studies” I wanted to make an appropriate seal image and did it in september 2017. Seal Photos I did make on the last day of March 2018.


Seal “Spiritual” made of 120 grams paper with ink, Ecoline, colour pencil and gouache silver coloured.
Partly made in what one can name “dot work”.
I use this regularly.

The colour of the Light is white. The Light shows itself at first as a Viridian or Emerald green.
The middle part I call one of Gods Windows.
This seal is to show, how it is coming to me out of the Higher regions and for any other.

Seal “Ode to” also made on 120 grams paper, with a technique, if you can call it like that, tearing little pieces of paper from greater parts of paper. And glue work.
I started this technique not so long ago, actually because of the creative works my sister is making and there remained considerable rest material and she could hardly use it anymore.
That is how this idea came in my mind to make it.
4 Types of paper material, 2 from a scrap packet, 1 leftover from my sister’s work and one made myself with glue and red glitters on white paper. And a little red water paint for the outside edge.

Seal “Ode to” I wanted it with beautiful, appreciating, warm and higher colours. Red became one of them with glitters. Pieces of nice paper with this dark brown velvet like touch on it on a nice background colour and an other one was with gold glitter on gold colour similar paper and the 4th was of a nice dark yellow hue with a pattern. And you start composing with these 4 kinds of paper in little pieces, tearing and gluing.
Diameter of both is about 26 cm.

Seal “Studies”, this came very spontaneous, with paper and ink and using cut and paste with paper, with this I want to express I had so much love to do it and still have to study and age does not matter, it is beautiful and there was so much love to do it but also complicated and this came out.


The fourth item for blog was: photo’s. This has changed, but I left the seal, because I still like it.
It is made from all kinds of pictures, several dates and fixed in a round with some fabric background.
Diameter: about 45 cm.


Since April 2020 is fourth item blog, MusicI was doing a lot of work for the seal, because I really wanted something with lace or something similarAnd in the colors black, white and red and with hearts and what it is recognizable for Music, these have become some loose notes, which are still free to become with what becomes available and is available to us.It is not a real lace, the big hearts are made of synthetic lace like curtains, the little ones of paper. The rest is poster paint and some glitter orbs, representing higher inspiration. And then the connections in the making or already there.



Are you interested in these kind of seals? Please leave your contact details and I will contact you as soon as possible!

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