Ode to the Rainbow

To start with this: Genesis 8-17 New International Version (NIV)


8 Then God said to Noah and to his sons with him:

9 “I now establish My covenant with you and with your descendants after


10 and with every living creature that was with you – the birds, the live-

stock and all the wild animals, all those that came out of the ark with

you – every living creature on earth.

11 Establish My covenant with you: Never again will all life be destroyed

by the waters of a flood; never again will there be a flood to destroy

the Earth.”

12 And God said, “This is the sign of the covenant I am making between Me

and you and every living creature with you, a covenant for all

generations to come:

13 I have set my rainbow in the clouds, and it will be the sign of the

covenant between Me and the Earth.

14 Whenever I bring clouds over the Earth and the rainbow appears in the


15 I will remember my covenant between me and you and all living

creatures of any kind. Never again will the waters become a flood to

destroy all life.

16 Whenever the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will see it and remember

the everlasting covenant between God and all living creatures of every

kind on the earth.”

17 So God said to Noah, “This is the sign of the covenant I have

established between Me and all life on the Earth.”


Some basic information from various sources:


Rainbows are perceptible with a low position of the sun and showery weather. As a perceiver you will have to stand with the sun in your back, the sun will shine on this curtain of rain. The penetrating and pervading white of the sunlight, will be separated by the process of fraction and reflection, in the singular on the inside of each drop in the colours of the spectrum.

The maximum of the strengthening occurs if the coloured light beams make an angle circa 40 degrees with that what enters as a bundle.

This might explain that a rainbow in summer only can be seen in the morning or evening, while in wintertime of the year, you can see a rainbow all day.

Explanation about the centre of the rainbow, this is of the same distance as below the horizon as the sun is above it. And the sun must have the position on a certain point and this is less than 40 degrees above the horizon.

About the reflection of the colours, the red light is reflected at a larger angle of the violet light, therefore the red is on the outside and the violet on the inside.

What can happen is that there is taking place a dual reverberation within the drops of water from the rain, than we have to deal with another degree of the angle, (circa) 52 degrees causing becoming visible a double or secondary rainbow, although less bright than the primary and with contrary colours.


You cannot touch a rainbow and it is not at a certain place, it is dependent of de circumstances out of which it can emerge.

And like me, I thought, I’m going to walk under it, actually passing, no way.

It is coming along with you, where is it? …….. but we can see it. It is on Earth.

But also important to know the rainbow is in fact a circle and the lowest part is hidden from view. Earth is round and we as humans have a standpoint on Earth, which is as well determining for what we can see.

In an aeroplane it is different, when you are lucky you can see the whole circle, flying in the atmosphere.

The closer the sun at the horizon, the greater the part of the rainbow what can be seen. So sun high in the sky, here on earth we will not show any rainbows, it does not mean that they/it is not there.


There is a source mentioning, the larger the drops of the rain, the more intense are the colours of the rainbow.


A mnemonic to remind the colours of the rainbow: ROYGBIV


Red – Orange – Yellow – Green – Blue – Indigo – Violet


The Rainbow,a small part from lectures colour theory and it was at the Academy “de Wervel” (Whirl) Zeist, Holland, teacher Jan Klomp.


Questions are asked like:


What do you experience when you see a rainbow…..

How do you call this and can you give a name to it …….


The rainbow has something exalted, these colours, not physical and yet, it is present.


After the age of Atlantean, the first mission for human was to develop the soul.

Connecting with themselves inner en also with the world.

The society of today has the task to shift boundaries of the soul, concerning more openness for our inner world.


The thinking, the feeling, the acting, it is not really concerning yourself, they are like a kind of instruments to do the shaping of your I.

Amid the centre of our forces of the soul, we connect us, the rainbow is working like a memory.


There is no statement that is closing for this appearance of the rainbow.

A part of it, with science and inner true knowledge, but it remains mystical.

Physical side: sun and rain, sky and clouds

Spiritual: Light and Darkness

Spring and autumn are more seasons for rainbows.

There has to be a certain angle and a certain ordination.

The higher the sun, the lower the rainbow.

The most beautiful rainbows are with restless weather, with threatening skies.

Skies purified by storm and lightning storm.

Every human being sees his/her own rainbow, it appears with your eyes how they get along with it. Investigate and connect, so you become and stay on the path to see more.

Perceive also with your sense to the outer, it means something inner will happen too.

Keep sensing, stay critically and what does it means for me.

Make the choice for your own gripe, it is personal, respect the value of the other.


Below there are three simple little drawings to explain a little:

  1. As perceiver with directions
  2. The direction of the light and the angle of the primary bow
  3. The direction of the light and the degrees of the secondary bow

The secondary bow is a reflection, mirroring of the primary bow, colours are the other way around.

There is talk about colours from a warm side and a colder side.

And about what is there in between Alexander’s band.

A jump to the Norwegian Mythology


The Bifröst, Rainbow bridge (so called by people), the Bridge in Himinbjörg (Mountain of Heaven), between Heaven and Earth. The bridge between spirit and dust.

The Ases (designation of 1 of the 2 groups of Gods in the Norwegian Mythology), the Ases constitute the largest group of the Gods, (in some writing they call all Gods Ases), they ride across the Bifröst every day, to a very sacred Source called Urdr and Urdr is the third root of the Yggdrasil (Sanctuary of the Gods) and what are they doing there, they administrate justice and also with this source are three Norns (weavers of fate, Goddesses of destiny) they take care of the source and have to do with the stipulation of thread of life of human beings.

This is a very simple and concise explanation.


A jump to what is from the Maya’s


MAYAN MESSAGE DAY 198   Etznab 3 Rainbow Reminders


I am Etznab 3. Welcome. Today we would like to talk on the subject of rainbows.

In your myths, rainbows are symbolic of fortune, abundance and promise.

We invite you to focus on these symbols whenever you see a rainbow.

Stop what you are doing and tune into these energies, feeling gratitude for the blessings in your life.

Visualize yourself receiving abundance in all things.

Send blessings to all other Beings so they too, may allow themselves to receive abundance and to share their gifts.

See the arch as a portal you can enter at any time to collect gifts within you that currently lie dormant.

Receive the promise that you are loved and supported by God, your Higher Self and Spirit Guides.

Each color in the rainbow has its own energy frequency.

Allow these frequencies to enter your body, healing all aspects of your self.

As you look at the beautiful water crystals glistening in the sun, which creates the rainbow, send blessings to all the waters of the Earth, including the water in your body.

Think of the leprechaun with his pot of gold, remembering to allow abundance to flow into your life.

For the fun of it, get up, jiggle your booty and enjoy “a bun dance!”

Be silly and have fun today.


Selamet!  Etznab 3



A jump further via the given from the Anthroposophy


Human saw the rainbow for the first time and after what, after an Earthly disaster, a deluge. What here is meant with this saying, explaining is that human descended from higher existences, in a lower existence, the Earth, a more fast being form of existence.

God, (the Great Source) has given the rainbow (it is A Gift) as a sign to humanity.

A sign that soul and spirit and mind of humanity from that moment on could direct to the physical observable, what is there, as we call it now, what has become so material of the Earth, we call it world too. And that these colours are a bridge for the soul.

A rainbow bridge, a revelation of the world soul, ordened by the cosmos.

It is like a filling of an image purely created of what was on Earth as meant and what is in the Higher Realms.

There is something that human is perceiving in the outer with this imaginary colour happening, but also inner, a back and forth. One can use the connected words (the meaning) behind it seen and unseen, perceived and not yet perceived.

There is a given thing in it (please do think about a gift > observation of the world soul), we here on Earth as incarnated people can create, make, with this Divine Imagination, a new, renewed rainbow bridge to that what was intended.

Riches of colours of the soul and spirit is always open for the Higher Realms and they

recognize it and in a way they search for it.

The rainbow is our only visible imagination on Earth.


There is a way, also with a little bit of imagination or fancy to look at a rainbow and what is most important, go through with it. There now will be referred to the beings involved with rainbows, to perceive them, also as help for humans here on Earth.

To help you can think about angels, but in fact it are elementary beings.

These beings have tremendous courage to step out of the colour, here is meant red/yellow as the start and of course it is exiting in a way as enterprise and go back again in the green of the colour bow and this green is full of encouragement for victory and come out of that colour and take a dive, so to say, on the other side and jump out in the blue and violet.

When we take the green as the important colour, as a midlight, than to the side of the red up to and including yellow, that is more exciting (kind of anxious) and as it were through this green take a dive within and out on the other side in the blue and purple (or violet) that is to have courage and boldness and that is what we need most certainly in this NOW on Earth. To explain further it does not stop at one time, this moving through the beautiful colours of the rainbow and there they go again, everything is in the colour and movement, move like a form of feeding, filling but above all creating, for

the larger wholeness.


And to move a step further, an invitation to experience a more intense step;

Starting in the violet, it has a glance till immeasurable distances, then you would like to direct to the Divine (the Great Source).

Changing to the blues, is giving more like rest in our true inner, it is a mood of the soul. Than to this beautiful green, the pillar of light in the middle and how is our inner responding to that, expanding over everything what has to do with what is germinating, growing, flowering and is making connection and taking it with from the former colours, think please of the aaahhh of a new spring (as an example), arms open wide and also all inner involved, admiration for antipathy and sympathy of all kinds and everything surrounding us. The meaning is, the arising for more inner understanding, remembering all beings among others these of the rainbow and of the world on planet Earth and planet Earth and also understand more, to make contact, because that is possible too.

Going further to the yellow, because one made the inner choice to take in the green properly in the inner, is this yellow giving an enormous support for the inner, especially as a human being, for being, for adjusting and to live with all of this from nature and as a human being a step further or more than other nature, as we call it.

Orange, is an experience of warming up, recognizing of the inner warmth and it shows us what is there concerning our character traits, the minuses and the pluses.

The red, the other side of the rainbow, I would like to advise everyone to try to think about enthusiasm and surrender, the immensity and infinity of nature, but more than that, the climbing up to and the getting aware of the Realms of Heaven, where Love is coming from and eternal is for all beings and all existence.


The true being of the rainbow is inexhaustible, like our Father, God (Great Source) and is ensuring it is a portal (gateway, entrance) who has to lead to the purpose of humanity created by Him.


The rainbow as phenomena of nature, it is not just depending on the sun and Earth itself and conditions in the Universe, but also on humanity, we, human beings, are moving along as observers and we move. It means that every single human being with his/her own standpoint on Earth, is perceiving this bow of colours in her/his own way and is associated with him/her and the concerning activities of life on Earth.

This can be so because this bow of colours basicly, as created is a well-ordered weaving of the creation of streams of colours connected to certain laws from the Heavens.


Following friendly advise, also think about rhythm, balance and cadence in our moving as humanity but also for the much more larger concept, or better the wholeness and as well the well-intentioned and beneficial influence.

From channelling messages 21ecentury, these are messages, which are received by human beings here on Earth, these messages are coming from the Spiritual or Higher Realms.

Anta Karana is according to old esoteric teachings, the name for the Rainbow bridge, as we call it now. And it is because of the seven colours representing the seven frequencies of Light, representing your Light.


Red concerning physical emissions of Light represented by the First Chakra.

Orange connected with emotional radiations of Light represented by the Second Chakra.

Yellow refers to mental radiations of Light represented by the Third Chakra or Solar Plexus.

Green, the loving emissions of Light represented by the Fourth Chakra, from the Heart.

Blue has to do with creative communications of Light represented by the Throat Chakra.

Indigo is connected with still more higher communications of Light represented by the Chakra of your eyebrow.

Violet is the transmission of Light represented by the Crown Chakra.


What to do to walk this Rainbow bridge, which is between the fourth and fifth dimension

(also) it is to combine all of these seven colours on planet Earth.

Each single colour is representing a different “frequency” of the Light.

In a way are these frequencies of Light separated to certain widths, to speak about measurement.

But the Light of the full spectre of the rainbow is available for human beings to derive them live frequencies.


We are living in a black/white time, while everywhere all around is a spectacular rainbow of existence. So, when you look with black/white eyes to beautiful hues, the people only see a little piece of what is really there and they cannot place it.


But also, what is coming from the Great Source (God) that is reflected in the frequencies of the rainbow and each beam of the rainbow is carrying a certain quality of consciousness. Every quality is a living frequency of the colour and it has to do with the energy of Light that is accompanying, it is like an everybody.

What is also there, these beams contain overtones and they carry frequencies of sound, they can help too with activations within your own true selves.


Invitation for an imagination for understanding and helping;


Your calm spirit radiating a Light, but this Light is coming from the Great Source (God) as a rainbow of Light.

As already stated it affects humans, you, me and what is more. One can use the word consciousness, the inner, the Higher Heart, the soul.

This kind of power, capability to imagine is an expedient for what is called, to connect with the Higher and this Light and also the connected colours as the rainbow is showing us, time after time, to use it, take it in, feel it, be as a star with it and just be it.

And what also is so lovely, this lively frequency of colour energies is helping this beautiful planet Earth in Her being and doing and changes.


Dear people, you can feel this in your hearts and inner feeling, it might express itself in the form of relaxation, calmness and a form of lightness and necessary changes.


Rainbows by artists(personal selection)

Ruth Kübler


David Newbatt


David Cox


Arthur Rackham


Anja Tjelpa

Rainbow (colors) in digital uses

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Spirituele helpers

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