THE HIGHER HEART and communications

Kleur ervan in beweging en expressie Hello to everybody and a warm welcome.

Just to jump in it like that, communicate with ones on the other side and the other side is in higher dimensional consciousness
(Spiritual or Higher Divine Worlds), it is possible, I can do that and also do it.
And in fact they helped me writing this first piece for my website, for everybody who is reading this, I call them my Higher Helpers.
They are very very sweet and there are many en many more.
And it is real and when you do not know it or don’t remember or don’t believe in it or knows it a little bit now and then, or much more, it is all possible. It is there en it is so much.
For everybody is the moment available.

Many of us here on Earth work for, contribute to this world, the planet Earth, in which we live, reside and work.
Being together, living together and work together.
This is meant, in this case, for the happening that this Earth, the real name is Gaia, can change. And the good thing is, it is already happening, which can be experienced in many ways, from optimum to not at all or something in between.

There is so much to say and tell, many have come to Earth for this and are already gone that is a part of it and this, what I started doing now, is a part of my contribution.
Actually we do it all in our own way, that is a choice, because we have been given “free will as a gift”, given to us from “what has made us”, to express it with this words. But all is a “together”, a being of ONE. And that is something to remember, a learning thing to do and a-do-your-thing.

But this first message from my side, as I am that I am, is about that one can communicate with that what is there, we can call it, the other side from life on Earth.
There, the other side, is a constant, they accompany us, help us, protect us, with what they are able to, communicate or try to communicate, to pass things by of all kind that are needed.
What is needed, we see again, that is already a fairly reasonable limited word, sense, focus our so many senses on what is there, because it is for this here on Earth in this Now so very important.
And it is already going on, for quite a while, so to say, on its way. But really, you can ask for help, they are so waiting for it, they really want to be helpful. It is also to get, to come more closer together, with that there and us here on planet Earth or with us here and they who are there.

Sometimes you can hear or feel, sense something, like:
Something is coming in, don’t do that or the opposite, yes do it or wait, because it is better that….it can be anything, but is a given message or sign. Or in this case as an example, that there is on the other side a loving family member, one of our dear beloved ones who passed away to the other side, but also other beings, angels, guardian angel, our Creator Himself or His Son Jesus or Mother Marie or other higher beings who are helping, guides, masters, team members or Galactic family on Star ships or Star beings, your Higher Self and all I forgot to mention.

I can imagine there are among you, who know this and say to believe and other who say whatever, I don’t believe it and do not listen of course there are called half/half, they believe in a little or just a bit more or less.
And what also is happening, is I’ve felt something, heard something, but it slipped out and have not thought about it anymore or did not pay attention to it. And then the experience follows.

I made a drawing, because the Higher Heart, it is not physical, plays such an important role.
Our Higher Heart directs the Unconditional Love and the Lower Heart the human love.
I am trying to indicate this Higher Heart is a very beautiful creation, a creation of our Creator, it is movable, react to circumstances and it has a kind of private colour(s), that is from you, the real you, there is a kind of structure, but what is also important, it is not like a physical heart, like so many here on Earth, what we experience as something “fixed or with weight”.
One can think of this higher heart as united to a string, line, coloured beautiful, light, soft. But where in the physical?
In the thymus area, between the physical heart and the throat area (throat chakra).

This is to help, everywhere, everybody, to realize this and recognize too, maybe a support for what is already there, maybe to awake you, such as ooooo… there is more and not all like here on Earth. The matter on Earth is very put together, pressed together, it is the opposite of the Spiritual Realms in terms of understanding matter. And for those who already know this, also to help, encouragement and togetherness,
This Higher Heart is a very important helper concerning communication with the ones, to use very simple words, all what is there on the other side, with all respect.
How? From your own origin inner and via your Higher Heart.
Go inside and search, find and imagine that not all is outside you.
So far this time and thanks to everyone who is already contributing and also to the ones who want to contribute, one can say with more consciousness, to all that is already Our Together or Oneness. Thank you very much everybody.

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