Ode to Archangel Michael




In the Higher or Spiritual Realms, Worlds, Forms of Existence there, all and many dear Angels are living and doing there, among others. 
To pay attention, in this special time, to the Earth, by living with it and do it and also think, to write about it, means really doing it and also by placing it on a website that what this ode is about to this Archangel M i c h a e l.

I did not know how to start this attempt for the ode..?
And than starts the listening to the spiritual family as guides and following their instructions.
This beautiful, loving, helpful Archangel is a creation of Our Creator, God or Supreme Source.
The Archangel of the ‘Sun’.

Including the world of planet Earth also from the cosmopolitan.
And what is he all and what has he all been doing….
And how is the connection in the NOW moment with here on Earth and the humans and other beings, which are currently living here and before this period of life on Earth, there was much more.

I do understand and encounter and also with some returning memories, Archangel Michael is a great coordinator for this specific period of the evolution of the Earth.
And I’m also experiencing he is SO there, let’s call it in the meeting place, for us here, the family on Earth and he is open for every form of communication and contact. You don’t have to think about communication with words, there are other levels.

And then I read in a wording, that Archangel Michael is a taciturn and closed spirit and more connected with the view, the outlook, targeting to and from and with the huge force of it, he is focussing more on the consequences of the cause, in this present case and event on Earth, can be surely noted, causes.
I got the strong contribution and also the experience that this Archangel is a great Listener and better add some other words as, a cosmopolitan perceiver, a stimulator and a conveyer to what is else, there in the Higher Realms of Existence.

And that means aid, helping, assist with what we here on Earth (yet) cannot work out or are able to do and/or we have forgotten how to do it.
He is transferring it to the universe and beyond into the cosmos and with respect for our free will.
Together with giving to us ‘Heavenly” impulses.
And what I find so beautiful, experiencing it too, with thanks to all the channelling messages from Archangel Michael coming through via people on Earth also and get published (on the internet) or not or transmitted orally or whatever, Archangel Michael changed the taciturn and is communicating in our languages, words like we are doing it and understand and with very many of us. But it is spiritual contact.
And I am very happy with it, for all of us.
It is also a contribution, a gift to us, to receive again the influx of the spiritual realms, to learn to understand them again and to handle in this world like we are living here now on the Earth.

There are many things that can be named, but it is intended that it remains understandable to many.

That humans have a consciousness, I suppose that is understood, but the consciousness of Angels and all sorts of Angels and higher beings is very different.

What I also want to convey with the Ode is, it is all arranged, as well as the influences of the Archangels on periods of Life on Earth. When you look at, what we call a schema of the Hierarchies, these Archangels are very close and concerned with us humans and life on Earth. There are kinds of periods of reign for the Archangels (there are 7 archangels who do this where we are dealing with here) maybe with other or better words, Monarchy periods, for this time it was for him, Archangel Michal starting around the year 1879 AD.
Such a Monarchy period has roughly the size of the number of years as the number of days in a year according to Earth era, as we do it as humans.

This beautiful Archangel has a ‘character’, an ‘influence from spheres’, the ‘power’, a ‘gift’ out of this infinite and immeasurable Love to do this for ALL what is going on also here NOW on Earth, we are talking about the NOW here on Earth in combination with what is there, in the Higher. A super assistant to guide many in doing, helping, remembering, lead up and experience and above all better life on planet Earth.
Big names, as we call it, are found in his former Monarchy periods. And of course we have to do with many incarnations, but this is not the subject for this epistle.

And what is happening and happened, according to my observations and experiences and perceivings, he is doing very very well. There is good progression.

What is wonderful to mention, he was the leading Archangel in eras just before Christ came to Earth and he did a lot of Lightwork for that. Preparatory and accompanying. And the Light was shining in the darkness.
Now in the repetition as a kind of reflection.

Archangel Michael is there again in this revealing, remarkable, redeeming and strongly changing period of the world on Earth.

You could describe it as, we had the introduction, we have begun the great chapters and what belongs to that is, Jesus Christ will return to Earth.
But otherwise, as we are now in our Earthly physical body, no further explanation about this in this Ode to Archangel Michael.

He, Archangel Michael is connected with what can be called the ‘dragon’ and this ‘dragon’ landed on Earth, there is a lot of history involved with, no elaboration on this, what for me seems to be important to mention concerning this, in this “ode to”, this dragon can be seen as the limiting of the illusion and also with the connection with our materialistic existence on Earth and linear life and all of which it arose.
Archangel Michael is there to assist us to defeat this ‘dragon’ and he is very busy with it and many hear, feel and understand him and do, contribute, one can call it a battle. And to form a unity again, as meant.

And for the date here on Earth, the ‘high day’ for Archangel Michael is 29e september.
Many born here on Earth are named after him.
This naming certainly has a meaning, considering all what has to do with this beautiful and loving Archangel.

Archangel Michael has posted Ashtar Commander of certain posts of his needed tasks en needed knowing and he supports Ashtar being his duties and authority.
A wonderful mighty spiritual combination to support us here ‘the ones’ on Earth, under the most supreme direction, guidance of Commander Lord Sananda either Jesus Christ.

Archangel Michael also has a Heavenly Mission, he is living and working there in what we call Higher Realms, with the connection with what is here on Earth and the connected cosmic mission and the Whole of the Universe and beyond.
In other words, involved is cosmic evolution, also there is ascend, we would say get a higher position.

Archangel Michael has a very intense connection with two colours, the one colour is YELLOW and the other colour is INDIGO.


Yellow is everywhere, in all realms
Shining like the Light
Like the light of the Sun, from the good Darkness
Filled with the glance of the Spirit
Connected with the Being of the Sun
Bearing, supporting forces from the past
Conducive forces in ‘time’
From wisdom it originate and NOW so connected
With our Archangel Michael
Intense as a colour it gives warmth, joy, will and future,
What can bring man to the blazing enthusiasm
What is so needed for our development.


Indigo a colour opening to raise, but also the opposite, to the duality, downwards so to say.
This colour can be named a dark but attendant, leading path, but how humans deal with it in the meetings and other what is coming across, has to do with the morality of man in all its forms, if it is possible to turn man to the light.
Indigo can be very enclosing, ambient because of its shadow side.
But think of help from the beautiful cobalt blue of the sky from the atmosphere on Earth, this cobalt blue is the helping for the minor influences of the indigo. Use for this your higher heart.
Then there are things happening, the Light can be discovered, found, in this dark of the indigo and is it taking you on a beautiful journey to the Light itself.
The world of the colours is constantly moving and in this intensely moving colour world, Indigo is the colour to meet Archangel Michael and because of this making the so needed connection with your inner. Archangel will give what is necessary to continue and to help.

LiGHT and Darkness

From the perspective of Light and Darkness, living here on Earth with some passable dark clouds and dark forces, but being from the Light and Love, there is here and Now for us, this leader Archangel Michael to help the light forces on planet Earth.
Light forces are connected with the thinking, our worlds of thoughts and our thoughtworld is strongly dependent to us man here on planet Gaia, to open our hearts, ‘higher” hearts for the impulses and contacts coming from the Spiritual World, the beautiful Cosmos. This higher loving guidance of Archangel Michael partly is there to awake our consciousness, make us aware of that consciousness and for the responsibility and meaning of this thoughtworld and how to use this at the most positive way, to learn to do this, to develop, to remember how to handle or act according to the existence, to continue to live in and with the spheres of the Light with the beautiful colours as it was meant to live ALL of life and also here on planet Gaia, our Earth.





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Our Family in the Higher Realms.

Anja with blessings and love.

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