Art is a Bridge


Art is a Bridge (Meditative Writing)

Think seriously about why you enjoy writing, art, and music.
What is it about creative work that seems to send your soul soaring?
It’s as if some inherent quality in creative work connects you with a long-lost and forgotten part of yourself.
Have you ever been moved by an inspiring piece of literature or brought to tears by a piece of music? There’s a reason these things affect you the way they do.
Creativity connects you with the spiritual Self.
Whether you create something or absorb what someone else has created, it can become a medium for you to connect with the Self and remember all you’d forgotten when you came to this planet.
You can see literature, art, and music as a bridge between the material and spiritual realms.
You can also see them as a bridge between the mental and emotional self, as a powerful enough piece of creative work can break the barriers in your mind and lead you to the heart no matter how strong those barriers appear to be.
It’s the same reason nature calms your mind, inspires you, and leaves you in amazement as to the natural beauty the earth provides.
Just like nature, art helps you regain this connection that has been extinguished in far too many people.
What you know as “inspiration” is far more than the drive to create something or live your life with a spark of joy.
Inspiration is a higher vibration, which is why it inspires so much mind and heart-opening creative work.
To be inspired is to be in a state of flow, unaffected by the difficulties you’ll inevitably have bringing your inspired vision into reality.
From within, all your ideas and conceptions regarding spirituality or anything else seem crystal clear. Expressing them and bringing them over into the material world, however, proves difficult.
The creative avenues available to us are admittedly limited in expressing the full scope of the spiritual Self, but nonetheless, they’re powerful mediums between worlds.
If you feel moved enough by a piece of music to be brought to tears, it’s clear the music has some otherworldly connection to bring you to such a deep emotional space within yourself.
Although limited, creative outlets are here to help you on your spiritual journey. Embrace them wholeheartedly.
Listen to music often. Play music if you feel inspired. Read, write, paint, and admire the artwork of others. Enjoy art just as you would nature. Let it become the bridge it’s meant to be.
Art is here for you in the darkest and lightest of times. Indulge freely, and don’t worry that it’ll separate you from the Self. Art is not a distraction from the spiritual path if you remember what lives beyond it and open yourself to your Self while you enjoy it.
With your spirituality intact, let art take you to new heights within your mind, heart, and soul.

Written by: Wes Annac, date 5 augustus 2017:

This is by me Anja:
I have met and read writing about “spirituality” and the changing world by Wes Annac via translations from a Dutch blog, called denkmetjehart, by Coby de Haan, she did 50 translations of Wes Annac in 2013 and 2014.

He, Wes Annac, slipped this week in my mind, with some nudges from the Higher.
And I have visited because of this his personal blog and the first thing I read was about “Celebrate Existence” and I translated it for the website of “Wakkere Mensen”.
I also saw a writing about “Art is a Bridge” and that appeared to be exactly what I want to explain and want to carry forward with artwork. So I translated it in Dutch en placed it on my website, blog > Spiritual.

With a work of art from me, and I gave it a name:
Reunion with Tamar. Dated January 2005.

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