Lecture at Emerald Foundation Module VI first part of 2006
Called: Transformation through Anja Tjelpa
What are we doing……
Not all people are aware of the opportunity or opportunities through transformation in a lifetime to see the connection with the Higher Worlds again.
In this huge process in this period, in evolution, what has to do with de development of the consciousness soul (a.o.), it might be so that in a lifetime for people on Earth, the assignment or assignments are intertwined, to allow to do something for the development of mankind, to give it a nudge of to give it a hand, no matter what size, to bring the Spiritual Realms and the humans on Earth closer together again.
I am now talking about myself; I am experiencing it as an assignment from the Highest, that has come on my life path (this time as well) Anthroposophy. It is true, I am a latecomer, but ready to start it.
What struck me most about the artistic healing plane are the actual spiritual healing properties of the colours from Light and Darkness.
First I got to the Wervel in Zeist, where for two years a fantastic anthroposophical base has been formed.
Goethe, but more Rudolf Steiner brought to me (also) with their Colour theory and the Being of the Colours, more closer to colours.
But that was not enough for my feeling, I felt so strong, it could be different, there is more.
Then now I come, to what I call myself, the call of Emerald.
I’ve experienced it that way, you are called to Emerald Foundation, and it is a kind of privilege to be allowed to follow the information given by Liane Collot d’Herbois, among others in the study program.
As Liane begins painting therapy in her book Light, Darkness and Colour, I quote:
-When I was young and studied painting I heard many different things about how one was supposed to paint. I often found that very confusing and I thought that there ought to be something that people could have in common.
The fact that the colours exist is an objective truth, But people paint them in many different, subjective ways.
When I worked as a therapist the longing to find a common denominator that could be accepted by everybody became stronger. Over the years I gradually worked out a method of painting and its application in painting-therapy that are the contents of this book. –
One sentence later, she already talks about Light and Darkness as the Primordial Creators.
Well that was something that felt like a true foundation.
I quote:
-This interaction between light and darkness, this movement in space, is the background of all colour, is the origin of colour. Colour comes into being of it.-
(Minor addition, I do not just think about colours)
Although we may speak of many colours and give them different names you must think of colour as of one substance, one great cosmic substance, that is incessantly in movement and its movements are due to the infinite variety of interactions between light and darkness.
I am telling/speak about this all very quickly, but to take it really in, that takes a while, that quite a pathway you’re stepping on, admittedly also a very colourful one.
Like we here all know the ones who joined Emerald Foundation, we take this path, to cure people or to give them an onward to cure or to help people with a process.
The causes of the being ill, one has to look for in the ability of spirit and soul.
And the healing have to exist out of the making loose of spirit and soul form the physical organisation. That is the one side of being ill.
The other is, the possibility exists that the Organisation of the I and the astral body, restrain itself to bring it to the loose connection with the physical, the one who is in common life, the condition for the independent feeling, thinking and willing.
Than in the organs and processes, which spirit and soul cannot reach, the healthy processes continue too far, borders that fit the organisation of the organs become overstepped.
The physical organisation does not only fulfil the processes without life of outer nature.
The physical body is permeated with an etheric organisation.
The self-healing process is aroused in the etheric body.
Health is a condition whose origin lies in the etheric organism, the cure has to be a treatment of the etheric organisation.
This etheric body is a feeding, a building up, protecting intermediary, full of forming forces.
In this are all forces present that keep the body alive.
These etheric forces stream to and fro, between Spirit and dust, or Earth and planet spheres.
The etheric world is the world of processes of changes, of incessant streaming movements, streaming movements in the plane.
Like Liane tells us in her book:
There is still another thing that is equally important and that is movement.
In the physical world we find it in the rhythms of our breathing, of our blood circulation, of our lymph system. In the soul-world it is the background of colour. Movement is the weaver of life, it gives us life, it keeps us alive and it carries the soul. Where light and darkness is a spiritual experience, movement (colour) is a soul-experience.
Darkness the carrier of the future, of cosmic will, dies via movement and colour over into the light. Everything dies over in the light – even as all functions of will die over into thinking, even as the future dies over into the past: through the eternal present the future dies over into the past.
All and everything is part of this continual movement.
Colour is movement.
It is understandable that this is a very large encompassing event and actually impossible to express in an earthly language.
I now use a very small story, it is a Norwegian tale, by Dan Lindholm.
Do you know how the stars came into being?
Once an old man told me: High above the world in which people live, arch heaven.
There beams an eternal light. And through the wide spaces resound a chorus of 1000 voices: it is the singing of the blessed Spirits.
The light that beams up there is so immense and overwhelming, that on earth it is only to compare with the light of the sun. Far underneath, on earth, we can only see the bottom of the firmament.
On the inside it is so shiny and unstained, that Godfather, when he walks over the floor of the heaven, needs a long stick to lean upon.
Because Godfather has been walking since many 1000 of years through the heavens, holes have come into being in the heavenly floor.
And the Heavenly light, which we see through the holes in the floor of the heaven that is what we call the stars.
The higher the spiritual force, the deeper one acts upon human processes.
The zodiac world is a quiet world, a pure picture without movement, pure in balance and organisation.
Out of these 12 zodiac signs are coming forward the forming forces, each sign with own light working, quality of light related to the twelve months of what we call, a year.
By the moving of the planets, each time there is a different relation with the quiet zodiac.
In our therapeutic area, we work healingly on people from this zodiac and so we come to the 12 colours ( a.o.).
These enormous moving see of colours, is the breathing of the world soul, a sphere of harmonies, which makes hikes along all kinds in our universe and beyond.
The I (ego) and the astral body can not be distinguished from the colours, they live in it.
The etheric body is a body of time, the human being scans this body and rises universal moods in his/her doing and being to expression.
The etheric body becomes permeated by the soul through breathing, the spirit works through the nerves en senses system.
The etheric lives and works between Earth and Sun.
Out of the sun forces it works and it brings activities alive and into movement, the planets take care of the differentiation.
The Sun power is a force of Christ, Christ who died on Golgotha and where He inserts himself in the etheric body of the world.
The Christ-Sun force is the healing force for the world.
When the world is perceived with love, sun forces are streaming from the heart to the senses. The heart is one of our organs with a future.
Liane: When you think of colour with your heart, you are that colour.
With her high spiritual level of meetings with the beings of the colours and the spiritual realms and Earth itself, she gave us, by tradition, a very beautiful inheritance.

Colours have very fine qualities, they appear and disappear from the red till the blue colours, it has to do with connecting and let go again, the best way to express it, is painting.
To us, it is, to develop it further on, we can use this mighty darkness as bringer of future, in which our therapies will be developed more and more spiritual. The most beautiful is, to prove it with deeds.
I use a sentence of Tycho Brahe to close my lecture:

Whoever denies the influence of the stars, reject the wisdom and providence of God and contradict the most convincing experience.
Advise: there has been another piece of writing posted on the Blog, “Spiritual”, it can be combined very nice with this one.
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