When I think over humanity, what I do with some regularity, than we have much to Do.
Via all kinds of directions and via guidance from Higher Dimensions but also via and from and for each other here on Earth.
I experience it in my way, just as so many others Do it in their way.
A way to share is to articulate and to make it accessible for others and what they can Do with it.

I read in a book about the birth contractions of the consciousness soul and about to develop strengths to Do the good, also and also about to overcome what as it were, is working against it.
It has to do with developments and that we focus on strengths of development and to develop a grip on the way we call, understanding, which fits in this stage of the evolutionary process.
There is development going on, of the cosmos, nature itself and the natural realms and humanity.

In previous periods on Earth, quiet a while ago, all knowledge went through the heart.
Out of the centre permeated by willpowers and the powers of the thinking, this centre was the point of radiation with warmth, spontaneity and joy. And then in all the developments on Earth, it happened that these powers of the thinking, especially from thinking, from the heart, this beautiful, radiating middle of man, these powers made themselves smaller and went to the brains of man.

In my words, the brains cannot be the heart and what has to do with it.
And look around what it did with so many developments on Earth.
In a way humanity stepped out of the process, a process. Separations, envelopes, broken connections, in a way to make it happen by…….
There is a fairly automated world and in this world of Earth of polarities, there will be a good side to it, but most probably also a shadow side.

What now is very important to happen to as many people I can imagine, is to make the heart connections again and this “process” is already ongoing, actually already for quiet a number of years and with an ever-increasing number of people!!!

Spread, Do it! And to recover with Source. And with our dear beloved in the Higher Realms and there is so much more than with this few words to indicate it.
And actually we Do from both sides, from the beautiful pearl of this (sub) universe the Earth and with all what is there on the other side, with all respect and gratitude and unconditional Love.
It ALL has to DO with each other and to Do it.

It is about entrance gates (spiritual). Letting go, transform, to get off the linear to the, please just imagine, the threshold of the fifth Dimension …..
I sincerely do hope this is clear, most certainly on the way to become this.
Partly by all what already has been published via alternative blogs and websites and maybe also via some more common media!

There are ‘entrance gates” in force these have to do with the fixed zodiac signs;
Aquarius, Taurus, Leo and Scorpio.
But of course also THERE are cooperation’s with all what is there and more, please look now and then to the starry skies or look at something of it on the Internet. It has to Do with willingness to become awaken, to go realise more and more, to undo of all kinds of limitations and old stuff
that was brought along with incarnation, my apologies for the word stuff, for me it is so.
Stuff has charges of positive and negative nature.
But what I did was, I put some garlands and lights of my heart on it, for the Earth as a ‘better’ place.
Of course we ended up in ‘natural’ processes because we are connected with it as humanity.

Now I step over to a completely different thing, but it has to Do with it.
I believe in what is called Maya wisdom. It is not a specialization of me, but I take to me what is offered and what I am familiar with.
On June 5th we went into the life path of White Mirror, Etznab, this life path is bringing us again to the midst of the column of Tzolkin. (Parts of the Sun as a kind of calendar)
Maya’s were masters in registering time and what we named calendars,
they were very accurate and precious with this. These calendars complemented each other and provided information about what was called “the ritual year” and more. I am not going to give any further explanation about that, there is a lot of information about this in book form and on the Internet.
But I will speak about the following of Maya origin.
On the 8 of June of our era we (again) move to the ‘mystical’ middle column of the 260-day Maya calendar. This column is the seventh, which represent the middle of the Harmonic Module or Tzolkin Matrix.
This middle column contains 20 core days. So the 8th of June 2018 we’re entering there again, consciousness or unconsciousness.
It means that we are then in a 20-day period in which we are between past and future, Here in the Now.
It comes down to being here in the Now, with what this Mayan knowledge and history tells us about it, among others. This life path is bringing us back to the HEART of the Tzolkin that is of utmost importance for us people on Earth, back from the brain to the HEART. This also restores contact with the soul and desire of the soul. It is another opportunity to Do, partly through this middle column.

Humanity has to Do, re-create with (re) connecting with the mind and consciousness soul. Meditation and as is often mentioned in messages “going inside” is exercise for remembering this and re-creating a new connection as needed for the consciousness soul to function.
Get awaken, to be awaken and to stay awaken.
It is really an active way or spiritual path to enter.

What is essential to me and that is why the title is ‘to Do’ is a statement by Rudolf Steiner;
In these eventful periods of life on Earth, this ALL is meant to lead to ‘vision’ to that which is ‘good’.
But because this has to become reality, this should not only lead to an understanding of what is good, but….. all that which is good must be able to be Done.

There is a but, also the good has to Do with Earthly situations.
Truth and the good, not to confuse this with each other, that stimulates the continuation of duality, with too much struggle.
For to Do ‘the good’ there are the helpers from the Higher Realms and there is already a lot to notice, this can take place consciously or unconsciously and to make steps or to Do in the level it represents, has ALL to Do, is also part of the way to the Truth and the Source.
And through influences from the Great Source, all sorts of energies flow into this 21st century.
Humanity has the task of filling the Hearts again and connecting them to the brain and transferring warmth to this and it has ALL to Do with Doing for what can be called, as the ‘good’ with all those heart connections.

The good via the Doing of the spiritual path enlightened by the Light of the World will certainly lead to the True Truth.



Book: to the 21ste Century – Bernard Lievegoed
Books from Ronna Herman with the very first channelings by Archangel Michael.
Maya Wisdom, books, internet from Elvira van Rijn, Aluna Joy Yaxk’in, book Life Myth and Art from Maya’s.
My Higher Helpers