The Council of Archangels via Anja Tjelpa
Thursday afternoon.
The Lion gate of 2018 and what a gate, a part of a circular arc with a tone bringing further de processes of frequencies for this universe and sub-universe in which Earth is existing.
Dear beloved children as humans, listen, we recommend that you restore your higher senses, go communicating via the inner with what is there!

Do it in a quiet place and yes the world outside is there too, for many of you it is even less logical to switch ‘off’ outside, but inside there is too and through that inside it is different, how different ……. start listening!
Take ‘time’ when a question arises, ask the question and perhaps another one and who knows what happens more…..
Use simple words and as less as possible. And after that…..listen….

And when you prefer to close your ears, try it, there is a whole range to protect your ears and to shut it off.
In principle, it is not necessary. But it is instructive!
We suggest performing this ‘listening’ on certain times that are appropriate for you in Earthly live, regularity is cadence and cadence is comrade of balance. Inner work!

And when you did it, outer world is there again, but listen to that too.
We know, it is not all that simple. Start with not allowing this outside mechanic noises, sounds, in a way you can, maybe use this imaginary switch, it might help.

It is a support and addition for “the listening inside”.
There is always something in the ether!

We know you want to ‘see’, want to ‘hear’ of all you want so very much for the New, let’s put it in this way.
Practice makes progress!

You will hardly believe your “eyes and ears”, but do it anyway!
Go through this fantastic Lion gate, it’s for it!

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