Unite, Carry On, Interpret

Channelling received from Ashtar Sunday morning, august 26, 2018, Full Moon day!


Being involved in this Full Moon with considerable influences, we meditated this morning for more of our Enough is Enough to end, making use of the forces of this Full Moon for the highest outcome for all of us. Allegedly looking into the eyes of the Sun and sensing and absorbing the warmth, the Light, the Love.

To describe it, we felt the presence of a mighty beautiful being entering, it was Ashtar, in his magical appearance as Supreme Commander of the Heavenly Fleets for this Universe, in a dress of white opal colour, fluctuating, radiant and with its timeless spiritual adult face, tall figure, white blond hair and eyes like gemstone.
Greetings! Welcome beloved Ashtar. Greetings there, Beloved on the Earth!

I am on a ship, we are on a ship, a more smaller, more recent version, designed and made for landings on Earth and also for traversing, for scouting and other activities concerning Earth territory.
This is already in process. “Smile”
Coloured greengoldcopper, gold for the New Golden Period and as the Sun can be like copper and copper can become green on Earth. Thousands are made for this. Ashtar speaks about names for this type of space ships, names that has to do with names from mythology on Earth, all of it, names ending IX.

Ashtar continues: Many of the Ashtar Commando are involved in space involved with Earth, the existence of Earth herself and indeed this is an important Full Moon after all these eclipses.
These eclipses made openings, portals, star gates, crystals and modulators more clear and they got empowered to maintain, used to do this was the system via the Solar system and the operation of you call astronomy.

Many of you on Earth have this Full Moon Sunday contact via channelling with us in the Higher Realms. There will be many messages and partly it will be passed through in the ways possible, but also a large number will (not yet) be spread.
But many will be channelled like you and also with me, that can be done in Multidimensionality.

It is important to maintain trust in the Giver and all those involved in the Higher Dimensions. Tune to us, vertically to the Upper and the core of Gaia. It will not fail!


Ashtar continues: To us it is overwhelming for us in a way, in your words.
Like on Earth, so also in this part of the Universe. Of course we can handle it, different from on Earth, but yet impressive by your doing so, your spirits and doing it on Earth.
With other words, we can also do more because of this.
Preparations become more easy, ‘distances’ are changing, veils are more simple to solve or to move aside, extensions of telepathic nature.
There is so much “invisible” available for you (meant for physical eyes) and indeed with high sense can it be perceived, but still there is a certain control, it is still needed.
From the darkest corners and holes the worst of nonsensical and madness can come.
But we are prepared and, as has been said, thanks to you and also with ease and grace.
You probably know this statement as devils from a box.
But I, Ashtar assure you, there is very little power, there are very few possibilities are left for those.

There is an omnipotent congregation of Light Warriors, Light workers, Star seeds and non violent children / people on Earth and many in close contact with many of us, who in the Higher Realms serve this Divine Plan, in what we have already become in us being together like this.

We know that many of you have the question: “Why did the most High allow what has happened on Earth?”
To be done with it forever. And it meant many consequences of the duality and consequences of polarity for the “people” on Earth and Earth itself and the other realms, in this recent creation of the Supreme, with much co-creation of High Beings.
But all of you who chose to be human, with missions, chosen missions, that have experienced so much and gained via many lives on Earth, the silver cord has always held you, no matter how thin this may have been. Anchored to the spark in your hearts. What is often designated as ABOVE is very close!
Much is given to you as small and larger gifts in the lowest dimensional regions and see what has come of it! Because that is a fact. We know and understand that for you, loved ones, on Earth, in your Earth vehicles and all that implies, this can be very difficult to understand, accept, realize and to live with it in growing awareness. You know everything about it!

What also is involved is that the very lowest dimensions are not that bad or unfriendly.
Think of the original design, it is all part of it.
In fact, you are, all those who are now on Earth and also those who have been there,
went to see the bottom of Creation and to see and experience the Earth creation, as messengers for the Supreme and the Higher of life on Earth.
In this way it is and is meant to the point where mankind has to live on and had to live.
That is the outer or the surface of the Earth.
Towards the interior of the Earth, the core there, dimensionality rises again.
There is high diversity and complications in this (sub) universe and there are beings of unwilling nature. Several have already been made known about this.
In a way it can be said, those who prefer an unpleasant side of life and not just on Earth.
Because what is on the Earth is also there in the higher of this (sub) universe.
That is, among other things, why the command is there and I Ashtar there has become Supreme Commander.
We, here in the invisible higher of life, are also on the mend, but just as on Earth there are still dark corners and what can come from them.

Many have asked the question, are these all creatures of God?
Yes, it all comes primarily from the One source. Why do I say primarily, because it also expanded and expanded to this part of Creation. One can say “mixing” happened, as here on Earth, with the example, the donkey and the horse. Mule. And this at different levels and splits throughout this part of the Universe.
It is not only humanity that was created as beings beyond minerals, plants and animals.
The highest was and is still very aware of this.

With all Love and Power was created and still continuing to The Solution for these appearances from the Dark Side. In your words and experiences of time, one can say, it took a LITTLE WHILE
But this LITTLE WHILE has opened a Bright, Clear and Mighty window and that is what you are experiencing. This LITTLE WHILE is a window, for your understandings, it will not close anymore.

I, Ashtar kindly ask you, I call upon your becoming aware and relativity – and start with yourself – and then look around you as far as you can and then as far back in old times as you can, please remember, start in your inner self.
Close the eyes reach out your hands, hands to those in the Higher Realms, to the others that are there from Earth, to where you are more connected, more based on non-fragment and feel and use the power of the Multidimensional Togetherness.
I assure you that it will work and contribute. This can also be done and also with us!
This is also a way to bring it together more.

We understand that you on Earth do not (yet) reach out to each other, not everybody.
But in mind you can do this. You can use words from within.

For example:
“I choose to see peace in this situation, event, meeting. I would like to see you, you as a friend, and shake hands with each other. I do not want to be in conflict, only in peace, we come from One Source.

Keep applying, practicing! Stay in loving thoughts from the heart!

All loving thoughts, actions, deeds are collected. There is a place for this and it is being looked at, it is being treated. To thoughts, actions and deeds of the chaos too. The Universe deals with this and now with this “open window”.
It means that it takes less of “time” to reign.
Countless are involved. Feel this open window working as breathing but more energized with the sweet and the good and well intended communication.
Show the back part of the tongue and what is there to speak out, the sincere spoken word from your true hearts. How more will you be shining!
As previously stated, you are there for the changes!
And we are so much closer to help you in the many ways that are available.
Keep it in mind! Place it in your feet on the Earth; they are there of it from Heaven.
With each step you contribute to earthen the New Earth, let Her shine like before!

Ashtar, with a touch for everybody from Lady Pallas Athena.

For website by Anja.

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