Seal of the Light of the New Dawn

There is a new seal!!! Special!!!, and a recent received channel message from Beloved Ones In the Higher Realms.

(to explain it for readers in English, it was brought in rhyme version, so in English it is different)

The Higher Realms from there
They made us aware

From a celebration
From a statement
From a change

Aurora, the name, the word
Was heard

About the Light from and for
Mythology is connected with the metaphor

The history of Aurora or Eos
and the sent pathos

The titanium Hyperion, the father
The titanide Theia, the mother

The in height walking total of the Light
And the titanide, Goddess of Sight, bright Light

Eos for the gleam of the earliest Light

For the bright early morning
The first new dawn fragment

Ignited Now in the first days of our November

In Higher Realms according to another calendar

For the big goal and evolutionary event
Here Now on Earth well known

It has started to shine and stream this first gleam
And spur the other fragments

With all that connection with the Higher Beings of Light
Is this Now available for humanity’s sight

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