Message from October 23, 2018

Greetings from our hearts.


Ashtar: Are you ready?

We: Yes Ashtar, we are.


Ashtar: The title will be “empathize”.


With all these ongoing changes at different levels, actually countless levels, because you are all involved, it has a great impression of impressions.

Impressions like the pats boom going around and upside down and from the top to bottom etc.

For us it is easy to say, just let it happen, or imagine it or go and have a look, see what is possible. The next moment it is already changing. Actually, we want to take very good care of you, in a way. But in fact, too much of this can temper the purpose and, as has been communicated so many times by us, time is important.

But a real softener is through your inner being, breathing Light in and Love out, being a being of Violet Fire and helping each other in ways that are clearly open to use.

I Ashtar, am now a relaxed speaker, interpreter by telepathy Here in this Now, with the chosen words as relaxation and trust and also with empathy, to place this message in the telepathic ether for you on planet Earth. Parent planet Earth.

And for the ones receiving and passing on, these messengers have the task for transferring the content through Earth language and possibilities.

For those who are awake and aware of the significance of this bouncing and colliding, changes with these movements, perhaps as trampolining, it is to assume an inner attitude of relaxation, confidence, leading to a growing empathy, it is a commitment to this more soothing, suppler and more entrusted, to surrender to experiences of this so special event on planet Earth. And so, it is also contributing to the bigger picture and to make it healthy again. Those who are “there” at different higher levels, because they are, are senders from their inner self and this is allegedly going into the Air.


Here in the Higher Realms and especially in the closest areas of planet Earth it is very well arranged and set up, it is a wonderful working structure, arrangement and organization.

Many times, tested and also based, directed by what is known to you as a top-level information and communication technology and not only that.

And with very special “servers”, serving, loved ones of you on Earth who have made the choice to perform in Higher Realms to contribute to this event (there are others) in this way, in their way as one of those of this galactic, universal family.


Of course, we are aware of ALL what is going on and what is happening.

And the All See has a special focus for this part of the Divine Plan.

When you have the will, the intention to step in, to go the way of empathizing, through the inner, you can become aware, it is beyond the state of being illusionary,

that there is that All-seeing Eye, as a sort of bird, going around, floating, inspecting, observing, recording, regulating and more of this ALL.

There is this Divine Overseer who does this survey, and behold!


It is the wish of this very very high Light Being that this is being conveyed to you, once again, and I Ashtar am a Higher Dimensional messenger, as you are doing on Earth, increasingly.


Empathize yourself in this increasing solidarity, we are comrades.

It is a beautiful weaving, so much has already been done and working to light up this special planet! Mix with the essence of the planet and there is an ‘edge’, the switch!

Again, remember and realize again and again how much you have come here to the Earth in the Now to make it happen, use it!

It is also why you are there at the same time to solve the past issues that are also part of you, it is a choice. Once again, empathize how close we are! Use this too!

Your cords are getting stronger, bettered, you are doing well, you are being ‘fed’ again and increasingly, as it was and is meant to be.


This must be said, passed on, of the entire total of the Ashtar Command, the salute from all the hearts involved! We are with thousands and thousands.

SALUTE! Greetings beloved Ones!

Empathize this too. There is a wider cohesion! See the chance and increase it!


From me Ashtar also SALUTE a greeting from my Commander Hart for NOW in the Here!


P.s.: In earlier days we were already prepared for the channel meeting with Ashtar.


Ashtar is a “rich” filled being in the state of being as Ashtar, he wears it as

a true Light body and also transmits it in such a way that it leaves behind impressions that are less easy to share with words.

There is this peace, being in balance with love, strength and will and so purposeful.

And such a very nice feeling …….


Edited by Anja for website.




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