Father Earth – Channel message II

Greetings dear children on the Earth.


It is quite difficult to describe with language and words of the Earth

how the progress of the Earth continues, but it is.

Mother and I both have our “hands” on the wheel, so to speak and deliberate with those who have the hands on the wheel of this Galaxy / Solar System and are on it.

It is according to Divine Reason.

It is according to Solar Logos.

There is a system through all the Solar Systems of every Universe in the Omniverse.

Now our planetary being is pretty in the ‘Light’ as an evolutionary event, for many.

In a way words / language of the Universes goes in the round in this Universe (and the subs.) Compared to the media on Earth, but then on Higher Dimensional level, without control of individuals of any dark origin, as on Earth.

There Ýis a huge difference, of course there are considerations, reports, notifications, it is a lot of activity, like bees and ants, and a lot has to do with this Earth event.

I know you understand, at least, a number of people,

there is much more going on than this Earth event in the total of the Eternal.

As a comparison, it is like what you call a movie, but without end.

The briefing and consultation are part of the processes.

And transferring it to and in your increasing consciousness, restoring, re-activating the function of your brain and the totality of your true being.

From 1% to 100%, to express it in a listing,

this trajectory with all travelers, passengers, is going to an arch of a Divine opening away from the lower of life on Earth.

As Mother God of this Universe has already expressed through a communication (see June 24, 2018), it is a trace as of a tail, string, IT IS ALL CONNECTED.

Actually, to see it from the Higher View, it is spectacular.


As has happened before, through the ages, the history is there, many have been led from one place on Earth to another, that is still happening, but now the Earth plane of our being as a planet has been raised but please remember the stretch that I talked about last time, and Earth now moves up again to accommodate gravity, magnetism, restored polarizing states, the breathing of the Universe and up to the beautiful systems there according to the Higher Sacred Geometry, structures and workings.

That is a difference, because it is The Return!

For all the ‘inhabitants’ of our planetary planet being Earth, each ‘Realm’ is involved, the touch of the Supreme Divine, who is already helping the Creations and The Creation with this process of transformation and changing the connected attachment.

This persistent task of Supreme Creation means unimaginable Love, Guidance and Support for as little unkindness and pain as possible.

It has to do with my proposal “to take the two-step plan” to continue.


Hereby my invitation to all who reach this message or in any other way it comes to you, to support and maintain this touch of the Supreme, it will certainly help to make it strong persistent, according to the wishes of the Supreme Creator,

on itself this touch is already extremely powerful, but via the support of His human children on Earth, individually or in groups, groups or gatherings etc., just by a single thought already helps, regard this from the point of ALL of you together.

And the invitation, empathize with the GOOD of GOD.


When someone is open to this on any level, you may experience a lifting, some of you have already gone the route and you may be able to contact them, communicate, share and guide and support each other.

It is very loving and kind to be on this route and your inner self will respond and encourage you to continue to behave in that positive way, in other words, it will change your lives for good.


And we, Father and Mother Earth, perceive, actually with our planetary senses, are aware, perceive where and yes, the senses are of multiple levels, what your beloved are doing.

And if you are ready and willing to empathize, your inner senses will become more activated.

When you begin to sense, remember what beauty you are, without the human shell and begin to sense the functioning of the again being together parts of your being, you will love it!

The feeling of weight feels like refined, redeemed, so to speak, you can feel as light as a bird, butterfly, cloud in the sky, big cloud in the sky, a seed fluff of a dandelion,

as lightweight in an invisible bearing air flow, and with more progress on the route, that may take some time, you will become aware of the speed of light and then it begins, with small moments, that you can go along with your true being.

As Father Earth, for the Now, to offer you this imaginary route to what is yet to come, the state of Sunlight beings.

The physical body will not completely disappear in form and functions, in transitions this process will take place.

But stay with your Heavenly feet connected with the heart core of planet Earth and your Higher Heart with the Heavenly realms.

In the meantime, because that is inescapable, WE ARE TOGETHER and WE DO IT and follow the step-by-step plan and become more aware according to the steps, the awareness grows with the steps and we become more and more aware of all the diversity that is there to help and where everything is created for on Earth. And becoming conscious about the GOOD GOD side of all the gifts. Feel the gratitude and the awakening of your awakening parts in your Heart Center. See what the true beauty is, the inviolable and what is there to change.


The arc of many particles is there!


We: Father, there may be questions, such as, can we see it, where and how? Or can it be revealed? You see, we trust it, our inner self, from our heart and soul, tells us it is there.


Father Earth: Good! Trust, that is the base of the bow.

Isn’t great that the bow is there!

Mutual trust.

What more to say for the Now.

We as your planet parents are so full of Trust,

enthusiastic and full of expectations.

Let’s meet and reunite!

See you All there!

Bye! For now! Love for ALL.





Received: Sunday, December 9, 2018

Posted: Monday, December 10, 2018

Edited by Anja for website.

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