Father Earth – Channel message

Channel message with FATHER EARTH – I

Greetings dear children of the Earth.

I am as Mother Earth for everyone on Earth and yes reunited.

As some people on Earth have already heard and understood,

Feminine Mother Earth and Male Father Earth unified again.

And also because of all the ‘work’ that you have done and done so far, we have a restart.

I am humanly happy and charitable to make this return.

And to be a father to all and all means for all the creatures of every true realm on this planetary being.

A home being from the planet returned to parenthood.

Now Mother Earth and I are radiating this state of being

and contribute to the return of the good old glory from the inside to the outside where ‘life’ is known to you as people and also to the higher fields of our planetary existence.

Reconnecting with our Higher Selves in the macrocosm and once again by you the dear ones of mankind who are so willing to change and increasingly do the continuation.

With great gratitude to all the “workers, helping” who contribute in their way and contributed to the light work, still in the invisible for most of you, who have recovered, renewed the origin-based “very complicated” light structures, patterns, the frame and connections of the planet.

For your concepts such as bridges, long tunnels, opened passageways, the beautiful portals, frameworks and the numerous junctions and connections with all kinds of geometric staircases, roads and paths, some have to do with high speed, many go straight up, like rockets, others have certain courses and there is a circuit to light cities and platforms of the starships. If you could see this, if that just was possible! It’s on the way!

It is going to be a help and remaining too.


We: It feels like you wish Father Earth, what to do?


Many answers have already been given to you through various ways and for quite a while! Repeat, look up again, as and with sniff noses, read again in the archives, libraries, the appropriate teachings, messages.

The inner work and true, trusting faith through the True Inner Being, that opens the eye.

But also, to continue from the outside through this progress

(among the varieties, there are others) by supporting them.


We as parents’ custodians are aware of what is still going on on the planet, the good course, but also what you experience as disasters, looting, destruction of nature, exploitation of the treasures of the Earth and such extremes and they draw the attention of the media.

Let me say it in the following way.

This planet has simply plain natural behavior in balance in the natural way and causes also through centuries appeared, also known, by the effects of the not ordinary natural behavior that the planetary was caused to respond to answer as mentioned.

The following fact, also known, is that now in this increasing awakening process, the process of becoming more aware and responsible, that also has effects, dear people.


It relates to your human being in all parts of the so-called ‘construction’.

When your inner mood, condition, attitude, all that beautiful within it, changes and changes to a remembering, improved and bettering way (s) and you all get your portion from the Upper Source, humanly directed, gentle, gradual, and scattered applied through the created ways, systems and the loved ones in the Universe and the cosmos fulfill their part there.

What I want to indicate in this way, in my own way now, as being a reborn father part of the planetary world, use your vision and direct it in all directions.

We could call it a trio:

Parent planet Earth, Mankind and the Inhabitants of the other realms on the Earth, and Those in the macrocosm, Higher Realms.

That is the most easy point of view, as a point of view, when you look at it in solidarity, until … .. it is stretched, so to speak, as breathing, in and out.


I love Air! And its function! I am happy to be united again with the beloved Family and to breathe the Air and fill it with my Father Earth virtues of Divine Education and the true Father side, love, care, help, I look, join and listen and am there (again) for all our residents, our children on planet Earth.


Do you have a question, questions?


We: Ooh, actually not, but keep telling Father Earth!

It feels good, you are for sure and it feels good to listen to you.

In our words a sublime prototype of a Father being with the nature of the Earth, you are of it and for it.


GOOD (Smile)

So, I have come out of my rest in a very good way, the most good way. Memory is good! Ooh and my commitment to Mother Earth too. Love has never been away.

It is eternal work of creation, as Yin – Yang, Light and Darkness, the original, and the poles as with magnetism that attract each other.

Now awake again to face everything, everything that is going on on the planet Here in the Now. What is a bit like an Ooh!

That is still so …., but our reunited togetherness is Divine and supplemented with support of the highest form of love.

Our cord as parents of the planet has been firmly restored and the stream is flowing full of energy, directed as mentioned.

Yes, it feels good, but quite something to take care of, parental care to help.

Very often I am a favorite of one step at a time, but that has now changed thoroughly, it feels that it is necessary to take more than one step at a time and with the Greatest Care!

With our return of our shoulders together as parents, we support with renewal as before, you will certainly start to experience this with miracles.

Miracles of various classes, as you know, I assume, a small miracle can be just as beautiful, fantastic as a larger one or in between. Look conscious and awake beloved, enjoy it!

Joy feeds the energy patterns correctly!

And we are all connected with it!


Let us reach out to each other and shake hands, give a nurture, a hand kiss is wonderful with your Air! Do it your own way, it feels good to contribute and also because every bit helps!

For now, Goodbye!

I love to speak with you, speak again on Earth and I am there for you all, call me!

I am Home again, love for all of you.


Anja: Feel the nudges, want to make a picture of you.

Father Earth: Agree!


Received: Sunday, November 18, 2018

Posted: Friday November 23, 2018

Edited by Anja for website.


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