Love Harmony


We are not alone

You are not alone

I am not alone

We are with many, countless

For each and with each other

And high and low

Also Above All

The beautiful Sun is a prolongation from the Great Central Sun

The beautiful Moon

She has Her course

The help to get on the way

Earth is there to share

To experience diversity

SEEING each other is recognizing each other, acknowledging each other

Reflection is a fact of the Creation

It takes already a while to get used to each other

Perhaps that’s why, everything in its time

Be courageous, prove the Love from which we are made

Repeat liveability as a refrain

Abuse does not make us rich

It reduces range

Really listen to each other with respect, out of the way with own interest

But for the importance of our bondage and this passage

To create and continue a world heart society

Which we can experience and honor for a very, very long time

Love is the origin Source

From where it all started

And now from moment to moment

And what an event

For the life journeys on this beautiful planet

A wish of mine is that everyone knows

The year is already as good as over

For you and you and for me

With steps we enter 2019

In a way a new begin

Let us now show and circulate to each other

We can honor each other “each other”, this whole world!

The people family


By: Anja Tjelpa, december 2018.

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