ASHTAR – Sunday December 23, 2018.

Greetings from our Hearts.

Ashtar: Here we go!

Everything that has been given to you via the givers of the GIVER, really meant is Everything is for the explicit purpose and now this Passage in the name of Love.
Many of you, beloved ones on Earth, already have a ticket!
To explain this, it has its innate position in your heart center.
One can say, search and you will find. The search itself is a pre-passage the ones, it is opened now open for your beloved Earthlings, our beloved family.

Now Christmas time on the Earth.
I have had a conversation with Jesus about this turbulent but miraculous period on Earth.
We communicate a lot because of our positions and brotherhood and oneness.
Many of you believe in Christmas and its meaning and the corresponding actions have undergone a change, because all the Light, the Love given to you, in the ways in which this takes place, really makes you “wanting to do” the changes. It is truly empowered and by the connected radiation in and to the great ether, it multiplies positively.
Certainly, those who have opened up to it will do this, but in their own way it touches others and that is speeding up, reuniting, with a push of the Christmas influence, in a way it is super fed. Quite wonderful for us here and it makes our auras shine more and especially the aura of Jesus Christ and His Etheric field and cover shield that is so present and connected to the Earth as well.
And the size of His Aura is enormous.
We expect you to be able to imagine this, as the being of Jesus Christ.
In all of His reflections it also touches you on the Earth, it is meant to be.
Can you see, notice how we work together in / with / on these levels that are increasingly remembered and known by you and come closer?
Feel, become aware of it in your heart centers, feel how TRUE Love is involved, explained and exemplified to you worldwide, that is what you are.

Some advice from us to continue and sustain.
Many of you have already gone in and many are on their way to enter, to want to do no more harm. I do not want to hurt, injure or damage, wound, derange, offend, harm, disadvantage.

So, do not give any power to the state of being of which the veils were made of.
(fog, density) So that this darkening has nothing more of it.
Imagine what kind of effect this will show!
This darkening veil will fall, is falling, sinking, make a fall, to and in the area where it will turn into dust.
The Earth is, as it were, born again with this perspective.
Beautiful Earth, this mist mantel will leave as worn out.
Recycled for and to better!
What a show this will give, all those inner lights stripped of the obscure.

Thought, thoughts, thinking, thought patterns, thinking habits and sources.
The learning of discernment has to do with it in a great way, to be stripped of all those thoughts, the thought that was born, is born into a form of existence, has not yet changed greatly, during Earthly periods, centuries.
Meant: it is created, arose in time.
That is up to you beloved ones, trust our given teachings, tools, affirmations, channel messages, do the check in your heart center and combine with your prayers and meditations and do the performance of life according to it.
It can be said, there has been great progress with this already.

And to repeat the following:
You cannot perform miracles without being, because the faith is in perfect equality.
You cannot love, give love, if you are not.
Fill in your beautiful human system through and in all its facets with Love and bubble over, then there is to share and give back to the Earth and ALL connected with the Great Giver.
God cannot be remembered alone.

Right sight up!
Away from the cross of matter!
Vertical passage!
Unconditional acceptance!

We also talked about what is coming, for the year 2019, it is a 1 2 3.
We know that you use it for starts, for example in games, sports, etc.
But THIS is for LIFE in the name of LOVE.

There is much more in this abundance-based Universe, you understand only a little bit, but …… you are so willing and ready to make, do, form and co-assist and experience as a co-creator for the ‘being on its way’ ‘ in the passage‘ real life.

Many of you are in constant contact and many of you are in regular contact and there are also in the beginning phase of contact with beloved helpers of a team, dear relationships on the other side, angels, archangels, or star-beings family members, those in Inner Earth and of utmost importance the connection with the Earth, with the Father and the Mother and thereby your contact as people among and with each other.
Let’s say somewhere in some way with your higher facets, are you already busy doing things for the future. Now partly because of this Passage, you probably know that there is an arc, otherwise, there is an arc, that is all more integrating with the more parts of your being that are bound to the Earth.
Here comes the call to invitation with encouragement, to invoke the councils of the co-creation, call upon it, speak against it, because it is there, they are so ready to answer and assist. And for some of you already known to work with. It involves more interaction, intercommunication, connecting, reuniting and it is very welcome and it will contribute to what we now call the Community of Christ. This is very loving, dear and valuable to Him, Jesus, it will bring more Dearness and Grace to the fore.
But first to come Christmas 2018!

Wishing for you with all our Love, it is all higher dimensional wishing,
the very best and for the ultimate outcome for All.

And to take the Passage for the change of the year to 2019,
1 2 3 Here we come together for life on Earth in the name of Love!



Received December 23, 2018.
Posted: December 23, 2018.
Edited for website by: Anja

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