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Via Anja Tjelpa 0n the first of March 1, 2020


Salute Dear Beloved Ones,

As a Commander, with the gift of Authority, as a leader of the entire cosmic body of vessels, of transport and the home bases in this Universe and beyond. For common purpose, for protecting purpose, for guarding purpose and Communion purpose and with communication in all directions, for All.

Gifted, gained with all the virtues for Mastery and to perform the tasks to serve. I have some tips for you on Earth in this way, from me, Ashtar, as a commander can also spread!

That is why I am starting with to remind you, to help to remind you, how it is, concerning your memory to be in humanity, how it was, but actually still is, to be in such a command, because you did serve and not only under my command. A command is as a flow, a positive impulse for to have, to do and to be, sometimes a very needed one.

⭐️ To start to overview all of influence that has to do with scripting your destiny New Earth and the improving of humanity with the company of beings of other Realms, like a kind of sum or calculation.

⭐️ And you DO something as contribution standing on your feet, one or two, sitting on your bottom (the hip construction), lying in bed or couch or something else, for instance nature grounds, anywhere, everywhere, even when you stand on your hands, sit on your knees, or any other possible ‘human’ position you are able to make.
Because we know you might feel in artful, the non-expert.
And the journey has to deal with Low versus High as this special
Experience. Reminder is about we are as One Synergistic.

⭐️ The depth of the Soul, the Soul is origin! You see, depth is depth and differs from person to person, each human being. Some will have a
depth of an inch, may a bit more wider and others more than a mile.
No matter what distance, size, length, it contains the storage, it has Compartments.
You have to get to come to the bottom.
Sense our guiding passion and compassion en respect!

⭐️ Consideration (s). It means to bear in mind. Watch the weight, you are able to discharge.

⭐️ Realize what is reaching this, nurturing.

⭐️ Gossip has no true Light.

⭐️ To dare to depicture the difference has great strength to overcome mass media and marketing.

⭐️ You are not weak, you are at full strength, joined togetherness is strength.

⭐️ Consider any use, with your human resources, it is important.

⭐️ Maintain biodiversity.

⭐️ Customs as humans, all involved, can be changed.

⭐️ Integrate means, to combine, to make it a whole, to find integral again.

⭐️ Life is a circle, the wheel turns constantly, it means also it is repeating.
It has been done before.

⭐️ Become a participant of the solution.

With a great Salute and filled with Love and support from all of your family serving in this Command of me, Ashtar and others beyond.

It is heart fulfilling to represent and to be present like this and to channel

with several of you on Earth for the serving contribution.

It can only grow through our Lights and Love.


ASHTAR ⭐️ All in One


Received: Sunday, on the first day of the month March 2020.
Posted on website: March 2nd 2020
For website edited by: Anja, with support of Michael. And
Thank you so very much ASHTAR! Love for all!


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